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Why Is My Internet So Slow

Why Is My Internet So Slow?

Do you find yourself talking to yourself when it comes to your internet speed? Something serious must be wrong my internet speed is supposed to be 100 megabit per second down and 10 megabit per second up among my laptop which is connected to my Wi-Fi and I’m just downloading some stuff but the speed is just ridiculously slow when I do a speed test this is the results I get ,it’s not fair I’m paying so much money for this internet and this is what I get so I guess I should just pick up the phone and call the ISP I’m laying there for the problem right now I don’t think so because first of all I’ll be like an hour on the phone before I can talk to a real person and besides this doesn’t feel like a very professional approach either hmm maybe I should just send them an email no I don’t think contacting your ISP is a good idea right now because first of all they’re gonna tell me that they tested everything on their side and everything looks okay and then they’re gonna suggest that I should connect my computer directly with an Ethernet cable to the modem and then do their speed test which kind of makes sense so I might as well go ahead and try that myself before contacting them okay so I disconnected my wireless router from the modem and connected my laptop instead so let’s run a speed test again …Wow this articles okay now I’m glad I didn’t call the ISP this actually tells me the problem is neither the ISP nor the modem okay so now I’m gonna disconnect my computer from the modem and connect back the wireless router again then I’m gonna connect the computer to one of the land interfaces of the wireless router and run the speed test again this one is okay too so I guess I’m making progress here so far I know the problem is not the ISP is not the modem it’s not even the wired network so it should be the wireless network okay so my wireless router is due out man that means it supports 2.4 gigahertz radio and also 5 gigahertz radio and it looks like right now I’m connected to the 2.4 gigahertz Network 2.4 gigahertz band is older than fire regards and is rather more crowded there are many devices that operate in this band even non Wi-Fi devices such as microwave ovens cordless phones Bluetooth and many more so let’s say I’m setting up a 2.4 gigahertz Network on my wireless router in the United States there are 11 channels to choose from but only three of them are not overlapping with each other so let’s say if my neighbor is already using channel 1 if I choose channel 1 through 5 there is going to be some kind of interference with the neighbor’s Wi-Fi which is going to affect the performance so if I wanna boy dad I should select channel 6 but unfortunately today the 2.4 gigahertz radio is so crowded and busy then it’s almost impossible to find a Clear Channel okay so I’m gonna connect to the 5 gigahertz network which is less crowded and has many more channels available and see what happens Wow immediately I can see a big difference between five gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz right this in my area this is still very much less than the advertised speed on my wireless router it is claiming to do 300 megabit per second on the 5 gigahertz radio only but my laptop is only capable of doing 150 megabits per second so I should consider that as my maximum throughput it doesn’t matter I’m not even close to that number I’m not even that far from the wireless router and there’s no major obstacle in between what exactly is going on am I missing something of course I am first of all the maximum advertised throughput is only theoretical Wireless is half duplex that means it cannot send and receive at the same time and because of that and also the typical wireless overhead the actual throughput is gonna be 50% or less than the advertised throughput so based on what I just said I should expect something around 75 megabit per second or maybe a little bit less when I do this big test on my laptop but I don’t and that brings us to another point Wireless is a shared medium that means if there are multiple devices connected to the same network the available throughput is gonna be shared between all of them there are seven other devices connected to the same network so I just disconnected all of them now let’s run the test again finally this is an acceptable speed for this laptop based on its maximum throughput unfortunately it’s very hard to predict the wireless speed because there are many factors involved that can easily affect the performance and the quality of the wireless network at this next time that I have a similar problem instead of just talking to myself and embarrassing myself in front of billions of people I know where to start…

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