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Hey what’s up guys Danyle here and thank you guys so much for coming into the tutorial section , I am gonna show you guys very quickly how to download torrent files so I’m gonna go to a couple basic steps one we’re going to find a torrent client which allows you to download torrents from these torrent websites – we’re gonna locate a couple of torn websites so that you know where you can go 3 we’re gonna actually gonna go over how to download from these torn websites in a safe manner and then 4 we’re actually going to download something from these websites and we’re gonna see it in our torrent client so that way you guys can understand fully what you’re doing so without further ado let’s get straight into it so what we’re gonna do actually guys is we’re gonna open up your browser so whichever browser you’re using I am using Google Chrome and you’re gonna type in torrent client now you’re gonna have a big giant a section of a bunch of torrent clients I am going to recommend you three at the moment so the ones that I normally recommend to people are a utorrent BitTorrent and queue BitTorrent so I personally use Cubitt torrents so if you want to go with a safe one for sure just click this one and that’s someone we’re actually gonna be using for the tutorial today but I always do recommend you can use these other two and they should do just the exact same thing and most of these on this page right here do the exact same thing so anyways guys once you actually click it you’re gonna go into the web page of course and it’s gonna open up the cupids or an official web page just like the rest of these it will do the same and you’re gonna go download it when you downloading and installing it make sure you guys are reading everything before you hit proceed to the next step that way you do not don’t end up installing any bloatware into your computer or spam where etc because sometimes even though these are official software’s that is how they make the revenue so just keep that in mind once you have downloaded we’re actually going to bring it up and once it is installed this is how it’s gonna look this is the how of the clients like they are very in a sense not to graphical intense graphical user intent of so they tend to look very plain so if you look to your left side guys you see the differences right here and this is where all your torrent files I can end up going of course your download your seeding your completed and then just in case you end up pausing him and resuming the torrent you’re going to be able to find it all right here on the left side that’s pretty much the simplest way to use this of software you could get more advanced and learn how to use these techniques and to use all these tools that come with the tourm file but it’s very plain and simple s so like I said find the website find which store inclined you’re gonna use download it install it open it up and put that to the side guys so now that we have done that and we put that to the side we’re going to go back into our browser and we’re actually gonna go to a famous website that I like to use specifically but you can always use ones that you trust and that is pretty much user preference to be honest with you there is no real difference so here we go guys this is the famous The Pirate Bay you guys are pretty much well familiar with this I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this all over the news about this so here we go when you go into the Pirate Bay make sure you guys are going to the official web page so for instance this is the Pirate Bay org so this is the official web page and just in case you guys cannot connect to the primary down org try to always go to Reddit and just ask a simple question what happens to the primary diner and normally they’ll give you the official links or the roundabouts and sometimes they’ll even tell you oh well the Pirate Bay is down or the Pirate Bay is running at full blast cuz you know they’re always trying to shut down this website so aside from that guys there’s also other websites you can go for instance like kickass torrents and there is a bunch of them to be honest with you but I tend to just stick to those two unless they’re both down and I need to find something else I’ll go to like my 34th back up torrent file sites so these are just directories guys there’s nothing wrong with these websites they tend to not have any type of viruses or nothing this website is not bad but what you can say is bad technically would be the people that are uploading to these sites because they are the ones that are technically uploading pirated software or dangerous software and pretty much tricking people into downloading these are viruses into their computers pretty much so without further ado guys we’re gonna go straight into how to find and how to make sure that you’re downloading a safe bio software or a pirated software so here we go this is just for uh for teaching purposes so do not come at me guys if you guys end up downloading some crazy viruses because I’m going to explain to you how to go around that alright so simple we’re gonna just type in office and we already know where we’re gonna be looking for so this is gonna be Microsoft Office guys and of course we have a big giant list for Microsoft Office torrents and trial so this is not always pirated software sometimes these are just trial software’s but we’re gonna go into the very first one guys and before we do go into their I’m gonna explain something that you’re going to want to understand before you start downloading so at the right side you’re gonna see something called SC and le this se stands for seeding le stands for leeching so in other words leeching is download seeding is upload so right here we can see that there’s five thousand three hundred and thirty seven people uploading this file into the Internet which allows people to download that file and that is going to be the liters you’re always gonna want to find always try to find the most Cedars and as least liters as possible and the reason why is because this is gonna guarantee that you download the file in the fastest possible way now we’re going to go straight into the file this one specifically so say it’s Microsoft Office Pro and this is gonna be the important part now I have ad blocker on at the moment so technically there is hidden ads that you can’t see right here so I don’t know if you guys can see these blocks right here so if you do have ad blocker you might have a little issue with clicking the torrent link but I explained that right now I have to explain the most important part before downloading guys before you download any torrent file guys make sure you read the comments that is the biggest tip that I can give you to make sure that you do not install viruses on your computer now this has five pages of comments so there’s five whole pages of comments and I recommend everyone to just go to the room and most of the time these people tell you exactly what’s in these torrents if there is no comments I highly recommend you do not download that do not download that uh that file unless you want to take the risk of being the first person to try out that software that was uploaded but normally there is trusted software people that upload to these websites so for instance guys if we look straight into the comments you can clearly see that some of people are like oh thanks a heap thank you great work works great thanks so normally you start seeing that this seems like it’s a very good torrent and a lot of people are gonna say oh well this has a virus or this blab bla bla bla bla always read the comments because most of the people that are new to downloading torrents don’t understand that pirated software specifically I’m not talking about the legit software that’s on these websites I’m talking about pirated software normally Flags your antivirus or any type of spam protection that you have but normally your virus protection and the reason why is because the pirated software tends to have these cracks or these activators that tend to go into your directories or they tend to change things on your computer they’re normally software’s do not even touch so of course your computer’s gonna flag them as viruses but do not pay attention to that just download it and follow the instructions according to what you are downloading and most of these people have instructions so for instance it says how to use open readme dot X and read instructions plain and simple so you read the instructions and then follow the instructions on how to install whatever software you’re downloading ok so we have all that aside guys we know about seeding we know about leaching and now it’s time to click the link so for instance on this website guys I always recommend to hit this top link don’t hit the bottom link and don’t hit this right link the one to the right side always hit the one that says get this torrent now I can click this torrent at the moment because right now the add the invisible add is not over this torrent but if I scroll up you’re gonna see that I cannot click this torrent only until I moved to the right side and right there and the reason why that happens is if you’re using ad blocker you got to remember there’s invisible ads technically still on this page so if we highlight the ad you can see that right here is where I could actually hit this link and if I try to hit it right here I won’t be able to so I can click here all I want and nothing’s gonna happen but if we do this again and we move down you’re gonna see that this is now free to click or you can go up and just click a little bit to the right ok guys so once you guys have that because I know a lot of people do run an ad blocker we’re going to click the top link the one with the little magnet boom we have clicked it and you’re going to get a pop-up message and normal normally on your clients so your torrent client I’m just gonna hit OK and this is pretty much saying that it’s going to download and it’s going to download into my downloads folder you can always choose where you want it to download I have clicked ok and you’re gonna be like what happened whoa it’s the downloading is it not you’re gonna have to open up your client once again to figure out if it is downloading and here it is guys so we can clearly see in the all the file status we can see that it is downloading you can hit click you’re downloading and you can see it is actually downloading you can see how many Cedars how many peers your upload speed estimated time download speed etc etc so it’s gonna be done in 4 hours and 50 minutes if your if your internet it’s very fast and you’ll be able to download this much quicker and as long as this number keeps going up this number the SM anytime is gonna go down and you get like I said you’re always gonna look for more Cedars than there are liters or peers so let that download in the background once it’s done it’s actually gonna go into your Cedars folder guys now if you don’t clear your seeding folder eventually you will start getting Network lag because this is pretty much the folder were all your torrents stay and people are gonna be able to download from your computer because that’s how torrents work there are a p2p service so it means person to person there is no main server where we download from it’s actually from each other and that’s how it works it’s a community based thing where we each our have the file on our computer and we allow people to come in to our computer and download it from our computer whatever file it is but you need these torrent files I mean these client uh these torrent clients to allow you to do that pretty much so it’s perfectly safe do not worry about it you’re not going to get hacked through these clients and trust me a lot of people been doing this for a long long time so once it’s completed guys you’re gonna see it in your seedings folder and your completed folder I recommend that you at least seed it for a little while maybe a day maybe two hours three hours and if you feel more happy seated for however long you want the longer you see that the long are you gonna help the community but like I said it could eventually start bogging up persist while your internet system to be honest with you so aside from all this guys that is pretty much it there is nothing more really you need to learn that is the safest way to one download a torrent client to find a 20 website 3 know which are downloading by reading the comments and then for actually clicking the correct magnet link or the correct torrent link so that your client can actually start downloading your file and one last thing guys if you right-click the downloading tab or wherever or in the alt tab you right click the actual file that you’re downloading you can go and control the limit of the download rate and the upload rate so just in case you do want to upload it to people you can let them to have it at full blast or you can control and throttle how fast someone can actually download from your computer or how fast you can download from people’s computers just in case you want to use some of that internet speed or yourself and then on top of that you can also copy the magnet link and send it to someone personally so that they do not have to go to those websites aside from that guys look at this I am downloading it 8.8 megabits per second or and it’s gonna take me exactly one minute to finish this 2.2 gigabyte file so that’s me personally with my internet speed and we’ll all these seeders if there was more leechers than severs then they I will take a hell of a lot more so thank you guys so much for tuning in I am actually going to cancel this so pause this I’m going to delete this and it’s now officially deleted now we were downloading it to our downloads folder oh sorry I get a little prompt says are you sure it says also delete the files on the hard disk so we’re gonna click that and now this should be wiped from my computer okay guys thank you guys so much that was the quick tutorial on how to download torrent links
Thank you

1. qBittorent

The main reason why qBittorent takes the first spot is due to the way it keeps things simple and transparent. It’s an open-source project and the developers provide the software for zero costs with great compatibility for all the major platforms. It has been created as an alternative to the popular uTorrent client which has been plagued by issues in recent updates.

The interface of qBittorent, as well as all the main features of it, are very similar to uTorrent. Those familiar with that program will surely feel at home when using it. The well-polished user interface that arrived in its latest updates is completely ad-free as opposed to the latest installments of uTorrent so that’s a major plus. The developers are supported through user donations.

Some great features of this tool are the extensive Search Engine, RSS feed support, and the ability to add torrents in different ways. You can access conventional torrent files as well as via magnet links, DHT, and PEX. There’s also a web user interface that enables users to control the program remotely. qBittorent is definitely our top recommendation if you want a simple and efficient torrent client.

2. Deluge

Those who favor a particularly lightweight BitTorrent client will probably like Deluge. This free software is available for Windows and Mac computers as well as Linux. All the common features you’d expect in a reliable torrent downloader are present here and many 3rd party plugins can be integrated for enhancing the functionality of the program even more.

There are three main interfaces that can be accessed by users and they all seem quite intuitive. Besides the desktop and browser UIs, there’s also a console interface for the command line. The software is open source so anyone can check the code if interested. You can see for yourself if the software can be trusted so this is why we always recommend choosing open-source torrent clients before considering others.

In conclusion, Deluge is a highly reliable torrent software and one of the main reasons why you should consider it is the way it doesn’t use excessive CPU and memory resources. Any serious P2P user will like features such as scheduled and selective torrent downloading, but the most impressive thing about the client is the speed, which many people say it’s better than most competitors.

3. Transmission

Next on our list is Transmission, another open-source project that doesn’t try to make money from their users. It’s not bundled with useless bloatware and won’t hold back in terms of features and performance. Some people also seem to prefer the interface which has been designed to be as intuitive as possible.

There’s not a lot of tinkering that needs to be done when it comes to this torrent client. With just a few clicks you should be able to get everything configured to your liking. More advanced users will definitely appreciate features such as bad peer blocklists and watch directories.

For those who prefer a web interface, Transmission is also equipped with one. The program works well with virtually any operating system including Mac OS X and Linux. Taking into account the fact that Transmission integrates all the essential features of a torrent downloader with such a transparent approach as it’s open-source and doesn’t track users, it’s safe to say that it’s worth checking out.

4. Tribler

One option that’s slightly different than the competition is Tribler. This torrent client stands out from the rest as it also offers a torrent search function. It also incorporates streaming ability to play videos before the download has finished. This could be very convenient if you have a slower connection and wish to keep downloading in the background.

This software is designed to be compatible with all the most popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The source code is available for anyone to access on GitHub and the company behind the torrent client is non-profit. Thanks to the search engine integration, the interface is easier to use for those who like to access content right away.

An aspect that could be particularly important for some is the enhanced anonymity provided by this torrent client. It relies on a dedicated onion routing network similar to a basic Tor network, but with some improvements to protect your privacy. Overall Tribler represents a capable torrent downloader to consider which has been designed to ensure a healthy torrent ecosystem.

5. uTorrent 2.2.1

Although uTorrent is not as popular as it used to be considering many rivals that appeared in recent years, it’s still a great torrent downloader to consider. There are two uTorrent versions now, a web-based client for streaming torrents as well as a classic program version that handles torrent downloading.

The uTorrent interface is very user-friendly and the program works well. It used to be so much better in the past, but ever since the company changed hands, it seems there are some issues with the more recent uTorrent versions. For starters, there are ads in the program which can be turned off for an annual fee. There are other paid program versions too which add some extras such as VPN for anonymous torrenting.

The more recent uTorrent version has been implicated in a malware scandal as the program’s been flagged as a threat by Microsoft and certain anti-virus vendors. Even though what the new uTorrent offers may sound appealing, the truth is that versions after 2.2.1 come loaded with unnecessary add-ons which only make the user experience worse.

Despite being older, uTorrent 2.2.1 doesn’t have any ads, is ultra-lightweight and still performs incredibly well. This is why our recommendation is not for uTorrent 3.0 or later (which follows after 2.2.1 version), but for uTorrent 2.2.1 which deserves a spot if you like the classic torrenting experience.

6. Tixati

Tixati is a somewhat less popular option for a torrent client. Even so, there are mostly great things to say about it. It has efficient downloading algorithms and it tries to keep everything simpler to be more user-friendly. There are no ads or spyware of any kind and the client is free to use.

Installing this torrent downloader is a breeze. It doesn’t have extra requirements like Java or .NET. When it comes to security, the program uses RC4 connection encryption. One notable feature is the support for magnet links, DHT, and PEX. It will also allow you to easily control the bandwidth for the best downloading experience.

Although this downloader has a very simple look, it still packs some more advanced features. You can schedule certain events, enable RSS or use IP filtering. It’s available only for Windows and Linux systems. The developer accepts donations for maintaining software development, so this is how it keeps the program ad-free. Tixati is a solid option if you like a more basic interface.

7. Vuze

A less recommended client torrent than the others, but which can still find a lot of fans is Vuze. It comes with a free ad-supported version and a premium paid one which has some extra features and no ads. The program deserves some credit for maintaining a lightweight footprint and for its suite of comprehensive BitTorrent tools.

What’s great about this torrent downloader is that it’s equipped with built-in speed optimization features. Downloading torrents is fast with this one and the software accepts multiple torrent sources including magnet links. The interface looks very well polished showing off a large collection of features that could be a bit overwhelming for some users.

The biggest problem with this torrent downloader is that it is proprietary software. The fact that it contains ads in the free version is also a drawback. Vuze is not a perfect torrent client, but it’s powerful and reliable when it comes to downloading. All in all, it manages to get an honorable mention on this list. We’ll now take a look at the last two clients which are online torrent downloaders.


The first cloud downloader for torrents to take a look at is It’s quite limited in its free version, but if you’re willing to make an investment, there are some tempting paid plans which offer powerful features. For example, the small paid plan allows you to store 30 GB of content in the cloud. Secure downloads are guaranteed by HTTPS and antivirus checks.

The paid plans are subscription-based and can accommodate different needs. One of the best advantages of using an online torrent client is that you won’t have to bother with downloading software. In fact, you don’t even have to download files. You can simply stream content directly in the browser from anywhere with a network connection.

Using this service could be a solid solution for on-the-go users. Another convenient feature is that Bitport can finish downloads even after you shut down the computer. This is the kind of service that’s probably not for anyone who’s into P2P downloading so it’s recommended to try the free version first and then decide for yourself if you’d like to purchase a paid plan.

9. Boxopus

Boxopus is our last torrent downloader to review. It’s another online tool for managing your downloaded files. The torrents are stored in cloud services such as Google Drive and Box. Privacy concerns are resolved thanks to using an encrypted channel for the best security.

As with the other online tools for downloading torrents, one of the greatest aspects of this service is that you can access content more conveniently. Those who own multiple devices and are frequently traveling will definitely prefer a service like this one which allows for accessing files anywhere. Video and audio streaming is enabled with the help of the Kodi player.

A free plan for Boxopus doesn’t seem to be available. The service offers three plans which all have the same functionality. The only difference is the availability of online downloader. You can use it for just 7 days or 3 months, with the longest option being one year.

We like that you’re able to download any files with solid encryption within a 100 GB storage capacity, no matter the length of your plan. In conclusion, Boxopus is a more short-term solution for downloading a quick movie when you hit the road or stuff like that. Not really worth comparing it with a program-style torrent client.