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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car ?


So you want to know– How much does it cost to wrap a car.  Great question!

Here are the tools you will need that we handpicked based on quality of the products. Or you can just get a kit that has a lot of these tools in it already but not the wrap itself. —( can purchase that here on Amazon) Total cost for the tools below about $600 U.S. but the kit runs around $60 U.S. without the wrap,  and does leave out some of the tools below and they are the basic products more likely from china and not as good quality. To pay someone to do it for you, the price can be anywhere from $1200 to $6500 .But we know everything depends on your budget so we wanted to show you all options out there.

  1. Squeegee for hard surface–( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  2. Squeegee that is medium stiffness —( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  3. Squeegee that is a harder stiffness – ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  4. Monkey strip buffers( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  5. Little detail tools– ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  6. Tweezers–  ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  7. Olfa cutter– ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  8. Chalk– ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  9. Wrap Gloves ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  10. Wrap Cut Tape–( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  11. Knifeless Tape–( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  12. Gripper Holder( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  13. Digital Thermometer– ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  14. Magnetic Tape Measure– ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  15. Swatches– ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  16. Heat gun( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  17. Basic Tool Set – ( can purchase that here on Amazon)
  18. Vinyl Car Wrap —. ( can purchase that here on Amazon)

Ok let’s get into it, so we have a few different types of squeegees, I would like to point out that there are some squeegees that one can use to apply to vinyl wood ,so we have a 3m glue squeegee,   ( can purchase that here on Amazon) each one of these squeegees has a different compound and as far as flexibility goes some are softer than others.

Now this one I find is more of a medium stiffness where it actually contours nicely and still allows you to apply enough pressure, so we use this extremely often. The next one we have is the EEFUN Soft Rubber Squeegee, ( can purchase that here on Amazon) this one’s super rubbery and great for surfaces that have deep contours or heavy contours because it conforms really well. I find this it’s a little bit too soft but each to their own sometimes a lot of people like using this, now you’ll find one that’s right for you.

And then we have this squeegee which is just kind of a hard edge squeegee,

  ( can purchase that here on Amazon) )  I believe the 3m is very similar and this is a much stiffer squeegee. I’ve actually had this one for years it doesn’t wear out , this is silicone , now this is great for getting into really fine areas and getting the film in there when you need to I don’t ever put a buffer on these ones because I don’t use them for squeezings I find them they are a bit too abrasive when squeezing the service and they don’t contour enough because no car is actually perfectly flat.

After that we have monkey strip buffers( can purchase that here on Amazon) now these are my favorite by far , I don’t think there’s anything better on the market– they’re very good at even wet or dry application they tend not to mark the surface very much they’re nice soft , these are by far my favorite they come in different colors and they come in different sizes there’s the regular size and there’s the XL which I actually recommend but they didn’t have the XL when I ordered these and I ordered a ton of them so now they do and my next order will be the XL which are slightly longer and reach the end to the squeegee a little bit better so you get better coverage wear these ones kind of are pretty tight to the edge and when you’re squeezing it can sometimes leave a little bit of glue on the film or market and we don’t want that , you want to make sure that these edges are always completely covered when we’re squeegeeing especially gloss colors or chrome and stuff like that so be careful when you are using them if you are using the regular size ones just go for the XLS you’re going to order some now these are actually attempting to land I’ve had these for years as well so these are good for lifting up edge seals around the windows especially when you’re doing roof wraps over the front of the window the back window you can lift that seal up with this tool and then get in there with this tool and actually tuck the excess film in so that we have great coverage and there’s gonna be no lifting or anything like that especially on the front of the car where a lot of rain snow ice that kind of stuff wind is going to always hit the front of the windshield and then come up across the roof it’s great to tuck it in this is a great tool to have to be able to get the final underneath that edge.

Next I have these little detail tools ( can purchase that here on Amazon) which are great for when you want to trim on edges so when we’re not able to tuck in this will be great for getting the film really close to that edge so that we can trim it right on the edge seal or whatever and wherever it might need to be good for windows we’re the trim around the windows doesn’t move at all some of them are really tight and you don’t want to risk breaking them. It can also help with commercial routes because a lot people don’t tend to tuck with commercial wraps they just kind of wrap up to the edge and then trim it right off so I recommend that as well a couple of those.

 Next up we have some other tools here we have tweezers

  ( can purchase that here on Amazon) ) these are fine pointy tweezers you can get ones that are a little bit wider across the top these are great for getting in especially when we’re removing film it might be a little bit excess left behind so these are great for picking out little bits that might be left behind you can use the wider version as well those are good but sometimes these just helps to get in there a little bit further.

Now we have an Olfa cutter ( can purchase that here on Amazon) it’s a nine millimeter , these 30-degree blades are probably my favorite it’s more like you’re using a scalpel which is a little bit more finesse to your cutting skills,  it’s more like you’re using a pencil and  it’s more like artwork in that case so normally the blades that you’ll find out Home Depot  are a lot less of an angle I believe they’re 45 as opposed to 30 degrees so I buy them on Amazon and they’re not cutter blades straight from Japan,  fantastic blades buy a pack of 50 of them and running a little bit low but that’s them right there and there’s snap off like I said it’s very similar to using a scalpel but you can snap these off as many times as you need to , well scalpel is a bit more of a pain to replace the blade, on this is a lot faster.

Next I have some chalk, ( can purchase that here on Amazon) this is good for putting marks on the film and when we need to cut when we do measurements because sorry it’s not chocolates crayon because this actually is able to rub off so it’s waxy it’s able to rub off the film if you put a little mark on it and just make sure you draw your lines where you need to cut out doors and stuff like that especially when you’re rolling out a whole side doing a quarter panel you’re going to cut out your doors for first and your and your side skirt and then you’re doing do the quarter panel on the door the side skirt all separately this is good for marking that off.

Next up we have a wrap glove,   ( can purchase that here on Amazon) pretty essential as far as doing like door handle cups any recesses that might be difficult to get in with your hands it’s heat resistant so it helps when you have the heat gun close and you know so you don’t burn yourself it also allows your fingers to glide and much more easily across the film so your fingers won’t get hung up on the film causing wrinkles and this helps a lot with that so we have that.

Then we have some tapes— I use blue painters tape here new masking tape almost any kind it’s great we’ve mask off all our edges with this stuff so that the vinyl slides off really easily and also when we need to cut on an opposing panel we cut on top of this very gently so that we don’t cut through to the paint so that will help you end up pushing too hard you will cut through this no matter what so always be careful of your pressure when cutting. We have two types of cut tape I’ll call it cut tape because we have two brands here so we have wrap cut ( can purchase that here on Amazon) and we have knifeless ( can purchase that here on Amazon) , they both work very differently– the wrap cut has the string only on one end while knifeless has the string right through the middle.  the knifeless the design line is actually much more easy to manipulate around bends and contours and make designs with so it’s a lot easier to use, this is in my opinion a little bit stronger so it actually can cut through Chrome without breaking or anything like that referring it so it’s a little bit stronger it works really well also.

On top of that we have a couple of other products here we have a gripper holder,

  ( can purchase that here on Amazon) which I recommend ,in general that’s probably good for it anything that you need to hold down , so you’re going to use this more so on horizontal surfaces as opposed to vertical surfaces because horizontals are going to have the weight of the wrap gravity pulling it down it’s going to want to attack almost immediately especially if the climate or a temperature that you’re in.

Next up we have 70% isopropyl alcohol ( can purchase that here on Amazon) this alcohol I don’t dilute I use it as is I put it in a misting spray bottle anything will do pretty much and we can miss the surface and strip the car of any or the surface area of any contaminants wax tree sap it helps a little bit stuff like that so a little bit of glue residue to it will help to get off so that helps tremendously

We do have these three products this is a digital thermometer ( can purchase that here on Amazon) and it will tell me what temperature anything is so when we’re post heating and we’re checking a post T temperature we’re gonna make sure that number hits around 180 degrees Fahrenheit when it hits 180 degrees Fahrenheit most films it’s going to kill the memory in so we’re going to be totally fine and not have to worry about the film

Next up we have a magnetic tape measure ( can purchase that here on Amazon) this is a great tool to have it’s much better than a regular tape measure with that , this has magnets on each end and it’s great for sticking on one panel of the car and running it around the other side which it was a little bit longer it’s actually not it’s 120 inches some panels can end up being 100 130 inches I just did the Mercedes s550 and that was about 134 inch rear bumper so it’s pretty long also it doesn’t work on cars that aren’t magnetic so the Mercedes s550 we did didn’t work on so what you can do is they can actually paste this to the surface and then run it around and that will give you a measurement for the panel that you need to cut out I put tape on one side so I know where number 1 is that way it’s easier to find

All right next up we have our swatches ( can purchase that here on Amazon) so great to show people colors you can order these , there are some really nice colors in , it can be popping the thousands of dollars or the over a thousand dollars just for a regular just for one of these more regular finishes so it does get pretty pricey but if someone likes color we like to offer it there are more swatches that I don’t have ,also one thing I missed here was the heat gun

  ( can purchase that here on Amazon) so that’s another important tool probably one of more important tools even though we don’t use it a lot we still need it it’s a great tool to have these tools are somewhat primitive I’m not using infrared here I’m not using any other fancy

 As far as wrapping goes as far as removing parts goes you’re going to need a basic tool set for sure ( can purchase that here on Amazon) , if your gonna do this right, may as well get all the tools you need now , like some wrenches a bunch of different sockets pliers screwdrivers and we have another tool here these hook tools and stuff like that it does help to get in there with some things so it’s good to have a variety of tools may have to spend a few hundred bucks but for the most part you can require probably order everything online and find what you need but when it comes to removing parts on a vehicle it can vary because some vehicles require special tools to remove certain things so in that sense you just have to run out and pick it up and then you have another tool that you need.  

Last but not least, you need the wrap! Here is a link to tons of wraps on Amazon. ( can purchase that here on Amazon) . All different colors , textures you name it!

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