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The 5 Best Wifi Radios For 2020

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Best Wifi Radio For Smart Speaker

1. Grace Digital Mondo+ Wireless Smart Speaker and Internet Radio

Grace Digital Mondo+ Classic Wireless Internet Radio with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Qi Built-in Wireless Smartphone Charger Ebony (GDI-WHA6021)

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  • Listen to over 100, 000 Internet radio stations from around the corner to around the world with built in apps: iHeart Radio, CBS radio (radio), bbc, nor, Sirius (subscription sold separately by Sirius), Sleep sounds, calm radio, shout cast, live 365, and podcast; control music via the front panel, included remote control, or free iPhone or Android remote control app
  • Play Prime music, iTunes and any other music via the integrated Bluetooth V4. 1 chip; works with all 802. 11b/g/n routers ( music app will be embedded in January 2019)
  • Via your smartphone or Browser send Pandora, tune in, Google play, Spotify, YouTube music, bbc, nor and hundreds of others to your Mondo+ classics; group multiple Mondo+ classics for multi-room Audio synchronized playback
  • 12 or 24 hour clock, up to 5 individual escalating volume alarms, wake to one of 8 buzzer options, station preset, or USB thumb drive; customizable Sleep and snooze timers, 30 daytime and nighttime back-light settings; clock Color can be set to blue or red for enhanced sleeping
  • What's in the box: Mondo+ classic, 100-240V, 18V 2. 2 amp power adapter, 2 high performance external Wi-Fi antennas, manual, Infra-red remote control

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Grace Digital Mondo Wi-Fi Music Player Radio Review

Best Wifi Radio For Music

2. Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

Grace Digital Encore+ Wireless Stereo Smart Speaker & Internet Radio with Wi-Fi + Bluetooth & 3.5" Color Display Black (GDI-WHA7501)

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  • 100, 000 internet radio stations - iHeartRadio, cbs, npr, and SiriusXM (contact SiriusXM for a subscription). control the music from the radio, remote control, iPhone or Android remote control app.
  • Via your smartphone or Browser send Pandora, tune in, Google play, Spotify, YouTube music, and hundreds of others to your encore+ ! group multiple encore+ for multi-room Audio synchronized playback.
  • Play Amazon Prime music, iTunes and any other music via the integrated Bluetooth V4.1 chip. 3.5mm Stereo headphone jack: 34mW with a 32ohm headset, 65mW at 16ohm, 110mW at 8ohm, 200mW at 4ohm
  • What's in the box: encore+ 100-240V, 18V 2.2 amp power adapter, 2 high performance external Wi-Fi Antennas, manual, Infra-red remote control

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV Review

Best Internet Portable Radio

3. C Crane Co CWF CC WiFi Internet Radio

Sungale WiFi Internet Radio w/ 4.3" Easy-Operation Touchscreen, Listen to Your Favorite Music from Thousands of Internet Radio Station & Streaming Music

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  • Over 18,000 radio stations are available for your choosing; LISTEN TO STREAMING MUSIC OR ACCESS THOUSANDS OF RADIO STATION - Whether through Pandora, Tune-In, iHeartRadio, Spotify, or any of the many other additional streaming music or internet radio apps available, you can listen to all genres of music, talk radio, sports, and much more with a Wi-Fi connection
  • ADD AND LISTEN TO YOUR OWN MUSIC - Have your own music files? Transfer them onto the Internet Radio's 8GB of storage and always have your favorite tunes readily available for your enjoyment
  • USER FRIENDLY TOUCHSCREEN - Use your finger to guide yourself through the user friendly interface on the 4.3 inch touchscreen to find and select your preferred app or favorite song to enjoy
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY SOUND - 2 small but remarkably powerful speakers and a subwoofer produce a strong yet clear sound that's comparable to larger audio systems
  • DESIGNED FOR PORTABILITY - A slim elegant light-weight design and a rechargeable internal battery allows you to enjoy hours of music from any room in your home without having to be constantly plugged in

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Best Internet Radio Receiver

4.  Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio

Sangean WFR-28 FM WiFi Intetnet Radio receiver

Best Wifi Radio For Sound Quality

5. auna Connect 150 BK • 2.1 Internet Radio

auna connect 150 WH 2 1 Internetradio Wlan Test

What Can You Listen To on a WIFI Radio?

Chad here with Comm-fab, today I’m going to take you on a walkthrough for the world of listening what you might hear on an internet radio when we go to shows we find that the easiest way to show people how great this product is and what you might hear on it is to actually just search for a station and let you listen so that’s what we’re going to do today first let me show you some of the different categories you might choose from there’s 60s 70s alternative Christian contemporary classical drum bass experimental indie jazz you name it it’s on here there’s even Spanish sports world world Europe and so many more first up talk as of today there are 1000 six stations to choose from for our purposes I’m taking you through just a few we’re located in little Fortuna California we’re about two hours south of the Oregon border right on the coast of California we have very few radio stations but right now I can listen to wjr out of Michigan Raskin Lincoln killing a toast 8:45 to nothing friend straight trying to make as you can hear it sounds like it’s local next up WPW kam 1070 s Plattsburgh New York establish seniority system is not a Union environment but it was an employer-based seniority system and they’re now on to K SFO 560 out of San Francisco which is several hundred miles away mark if you raise taxes is he insane three to six week days on hot dog 560 KS fo this is just a small sampling of what is available now on to music one of Bob cranes favorite stations is the Beatles are you which is out of Russia Beatles all day you love Elvis well the King hasn’t left the building Elvis Presley are you which is also out of Russia it’s coming in loud and clear, you’re more of a country listener there are over 500 stations to choose from today we’re listening to one fm absolutely country hit ,  or how about a little hip-hop 247 stations this is dirty south radio rock is your go to music how about 1047 stations to sift through till you find your perfect match this is a rock radio want to see what the world is talking about or what kind of music they’re listening to let’s go on location there are 88 stations under China how about CRI News Radio punk what are you guys do good do you do not too good want to hear something from Germany 1493 stations this is 90 elf spiel 1 mr. comedy under oath in fan India yet punish me the devil is eager how about Italy s watery Radio 7 if you wanna kick humility Jake come on you’re still not satisfied you want more how about some reggae a little bob marley bob marley all day long need a fantasy sports update ESPN SportsCenter to the rescue or over 1,000 other sports options or you can try out Bob’s new favorite to triple-a FM wagga wagga nsw he loves it because he never knows what he’s going to hear pining for old-time radio shows you’re sick of all this programming that’s out there right now try by golly old-time radio right yeah that evokes pressure wait a minute here’s a fact like on the saga oh no this is mine reporting you with this little radio you can start listening to radio again because you get to hear what you want not whatever the current that is or whatever the program director decided what you should listen to our good friend Kan Haffmon summed it up now you’re no longer a prisoner to programming

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