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The 5 Best Walkie Talkies For 2020

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1. DeWALT DXFRS800 Walkie Talkies

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2. GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio

Midland Two-way Radio GXT1000VP4

3. CP185 UHF AAH03RDF8AA7AN Original Motorola

Motorola CP185 What's In The Box?

4. Motorola DLR1020

Motorola DLR1020 and DLR1060 Advanced Configuration

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Extending The Range Of Your Walkie Talkie

Francois with Comm-Fab, Lets talk Walkie Talkies and how to extend their range. So maybe you have an FRS radio PMR for Europeans. I’m going to show you how to expand the range of these radios and how to use them correctly because a lot of people just don’t know how to use them the right way and we start with the range. The range is related to height, and height is your friend.

I’m going to show you here on a little drawing usually people think that what regulates your range basically is the power of the radio so they’ll try to buy the most powerful walkie talkie they can get and that’s why we see handhelds that output 10 watts and it’s not very useful because it’s not the main problem. So the problem is the curvature of the earth, you wouldn’t think it’s a big factor but it is because it shows up even at very short distances, so if you have two people about you know 6 feet tall on a plane somewhere as soon as you get to about you know you have the radio waves of course going a straight line it can’t make contact and that happens at about you know five to seven miles, probably about seven miles of course the range can be much lower if they are woods in between or city buildings or a hill ,of course anything like that so the best way to expand the range of your handheld radios is to get higher. And I don’t know maybe it’s a tree oh I told you okay maybe it’s a tree I don’t know here I’m on a fourth floor apartments of course of course I get good range with the radio I showed you before of course with a longer antenna I get about ten kilometers or 5 miles from someone on the ground to someone in the on the fourth floor here ,so that’s because of course the radio waves going in a straight line can go directly to the recipient here and here we have a path so our this is my tip number one height is your friend get higher and you’ll make contact well I told myself have wasn’t going to go in camera today because I got up recently but I need to show you something you’ve seen a lot of people use these like this you know and someone on the other end is going to be using it like this and that’s a big problem because the electric field component of the electromagnetic wave is going like this vertically it’s vertically polarized if I put the antenna like this its horizontally polarized and you have a lot of losses doing that what you want to do is either you both use the radio like this how you both use it like this now what you have to consider also is that if you use the radio like this the radio waves travel perpendicular to the antenna which means that here with the antenna vertical they’re going to go around it’s called omnidirectional if you put the antenna horizontally the radio waves will travel again perpendicular to the antenna so it’s mostly going to be in this direction and behind me if I want to send my signal over there well I need to do this doesn’t work too well so hold your radio like this not like this and make sure everybody knows that that’s the way to go you see this handheld radio well it’s missing something and I’ll explain it to you because you can add that on and it would greatly extend the range of your radio see this antenna here okay this radio operates mostly around 430 to 400 and you know well the limit is 400 I think – for an 80 megahertz the wavelength of that frequency is about 70 centimeters and 70 centimeters while it’s longer than the antenna here but ideally most antennas need to be a half wavelength long so for instance if I use VHF which is a hundred and forty four megahertz that’s only cycles per second the wave does the ideal antenna light is one meter which is about three feet of course most of these handhelds you look at the antenna it’s not three feet long so there’s a problem there but what they do basically is that this is supposed to be a quarter wave I hope it’s not gang confusing but because okay if I have a wavelength on 70 centimeters and the antenna has to be a half wavelength that would be 17 and half no doubt that would be a quarter there we go about 35 centimeters okay which it might be from here the tip of the antenna to the bottom of the radio but not quite here you have a half of the antenna and supposedly this is the radio itself the case of the radio which is made of metal is the other half of the antenna so you have a quarter wave here and a quarter wave here and it’s fed in the middle okay I can show you this on the other one here I’m going to take the antenna off I hope the camera will focus yes and you can see here that you can look at the antenna connector and you notice that you have the center of the plug here and then you have the ring around here the ring around here is the ground basically it’s the case of your radio is connected to that the center is basically the hot lead so to speak so again you need an antenna that is about half a wavelength long so this part here is a quarter wave just about the manufacturers counting the body of the antenna to be the other quarter wave that makes a half wave but they’re not going to make a longer radio just to serve the purpose so basically they just do nothing because it’s about you know good enough but is it really I think it isn’t so what you can do is that well you need to add something here so that you have a quarter wave here and a quarter wave here too and it’s how but this is how you do it turn your radio around and you’re going to take off the clip now you need to make sure that you verify that the clip mount which is a little metal plate here under it’s connected to the ring around your antenna connector so you take a multimeter an ohm meter you measure if there is a connection between the ring here and the battery clip on another battery the radio clip holder right there and almost radios it is connected for instance on the bow from UV v r+ that I have it connected as well on these TYT radios it’s connected as well so what you’re going to do you’re going to get a little piece of electrical wire and you’re going to cut it to a quarter wave so that depends on the radio you have of course this is UHF so it’s 430 megahertz if you have a VHF radio it’s going to be 144 megahertz so forth 430 megahertz is 70 centimeters you take a quarter of that about 17.5 centimeters I took exactly in inches right now but it’s once about as long as this antenna anyway so you need to attach this wire to the clip to the metal plate on the battery clip and just let it dangle there and you wouldn’t think that would make a big difference but I’m telling you it’s huge when I had a radio that had a bar graph an s meter for the shows you the signal received I got three more bars just by doing that and you will expand your range dramatically by adding this just a little piece of wire here if you are using a radio that is both VHF and uhf just cut the wire for VHF don’t worry about it it’s going to help on UHF anyway probably a bit less but that’s okay so there you go tip number three add what we call a rat tail to your handheld of the quarter wave long and you dramatically increase your performance of course the best way to extend your range of these radios is to use an antenna that is not necessarily longer but cut to the correct length you buy them anywhere online on amazon, you can look for a dual band VHF UHF antenna and you connect it to the often an SMA connector here for instance TYT has a SMA female connector and nothing has SMA male connector so you have to make sure you get the correct adapter once you get your commercial or you know homemade antenna you just put it higher on the mast with a piece of coax cable and there you go you can extend the range greatly like this you can even buy directional antennas yagi for instance or even quad or something like that but this is beyond the scope of this walkie talkie I just wanted to show you three easy ways to extend your range with these radios and there you have it have fun have a good one

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