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The 5 Best Voltage Converters For 2020

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1. Foval International Travel Adapter Power Step Down 220v to 110v Voltage Converter

Foval International Travel Adapter Power Step Down 220v to 110v Voltage Converter with 4-port USB in UK European Italy Asia more than 150 Countries over the World

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as of September 19, 2020 5:00 am


  • Worldwide use: 1 EU power cable and 4 International adapters ( us/UK/AU/it adapter), step down voltage converts 220/240V to 110/120V, so you could use American electronics in 220V/ 240V countries such United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Japan, China etc, more than 150 countries over the world.
  • Supply 200 watts power converter with two standard US plugs and four 5V/ 2.4a (2.4a per port max) capable of simultaneously charging multiple devices for laptop, Bluetooth speaker, CPAP machine, electric toothbrush, fan, nebulizer, game console, Kindle, TV, DVD players, lights, iPad, and other electronic devices.
  • Protect eelectronics safety: fan work silent and converter will auto shutdown for surge protection, over-heating, short circuiting, over-current, over temperature, short-circuit and overload, keep you and your devices very safely with small 200W Power
  • Travel size design: Compact small size (4.8x3. 1x1. 5 inches) with 5 feet detachable power cable makes this power converter easy to pack and take anywhere you go
  • Warranty and support: FOVAL 7*24 online support standing by, worry-free 100% money-back guarantee, We supply this adapter 24 months warranty.
Foval International Travel Adapter
Foval International Travel Adapter
Foval International Travel Adapter

Foval Power Step Down 220V to 110V Voltage Converter with 4-Port USB International Travel Adapter

2. BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter

Review: BESTEK Portable Travel Adapter & Power Converter - MRJ201GU

3. TryAce 2000W Voltage Converter

TryAce 2000W Voltage Converter with 2 USB Ports,Set Down 220V to 110V Power Converter for Hair Dryer /Straightener /Curling Iron, Travel Transformer for UK/AU/US/EU Plug Adapter(Exclusive)

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  • ★★★★★【Adapter and 3 plugs and 2 USB】The TryAce adapter is suitable for all DUAL VOLTAGE devices(100-240V) up to 10A.Such as mobile phones,cemera batteries,apple watch, ipad, laptop, macbook, dual voltage flat iron/curling iron/hair straightener. Dual USB ports are available for most USB devices such as cell phones.Note:The independent UK/AU/EU Plug can be used alone with dual voltage devices.
  • ★★★★★【ALL IN ONE Combo】2000W Voltage Converter contains 3 international plug (UK/AU/US/EU Plug)which fits electrical outlet of type A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N over 190 countries(up to 2000W), like most of Europe,Argentina,Ireland,Israel,Italy,UK,France,European,Australia, China, HongKong, etc
  • ★★★★★【Safety Protection and Patent Reversed】:Flame resistant material and Built-in 10A Fuse for Surge Protection to avoid over-current and overload high-temperature, short-circuit damage appliances. Patent Reserved.Products passed and implemented ROHS, FCC, CE, ETL certification.
  • ★★★★★【Exclusive Upgraded Converter for conair Hair Styler】TryAce power converter is suitable for all brands of hair dryers(except Dyson),this converter can be used with all types of conair brand,relvon brand,babyliss brand hair tools,such as hair straighteners,flat irons,hair curlers.It can also be used for mechanical control equipment such as electric kettles.It can't work for CPAP machine,Coffee machine,drill battery,Blender and low-wattage appliances (0-25W), such as electric toothbrush.
  • ★★★★★【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】:Every purchase with TryAce Travel Adapter and Power Converter is supported with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.We provide 7*24 hrs service for you;24 months warranty; 60 days refund. Please contact us freely if you need any help.

TRYACE Converter

4. DOACE C8 2000W Travel Voltage Converter

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5. Sokoo Power Converter

Sokoo voltage converter 220v to 110v step down international travel adapters usb charger review

How to pick the right Voltage Converter

I’m ya gal Stacy with Comm-Fab.com and one of the hazards of going international is this whole voltage plug adapter thing, it can get really confusing and expensive quick so let me break this down for you. In this whole world there are only two voltages easy right 110 or 220 to 240 volt range Japan and North America and parts of South America and the Caribbean are all in the 110 to 125 volt range and the rest of the world basically the whole world is between 220 to 240 volt range that means if you have an electrical device that you want to use in a country that has a different voltage than yours you need a converter luckily technology is pretty sad these days and a lot of products have built-in converters like this Apple Computer plug it’s so big because it’s actually converter built-in but if you don’t have one that’s built in your gonna have to buy an external converter and there are two types there’s 50 to 60 watt for small things like electrical razors etc but I mean seriously that point just by the disposal razor or procure they’re hot and then there are the big ginés 1,600 to 2,000 watt for things like curling irons and hair dryers you know girl stuff won’t do you have that whole electricity thing figured out everyone needs a plug adapter this allows you to actually physically plug in your product again so guys it comes in two ways you can go all apart and buy for the country you need or you can get the big all-in-one contraption look at this he was saying UK Australia Europe oh and I got USB what by the way your has two different plugs and you can never plug in Europe you didn’t think this was going to be too easy right I blew up my last converter in a blaze and fireworks out because I was done too long as in 30 minutes see just because the device is off doesn’t mean the converter isn’t still working and that thing gets hot real quick so always always unplug and never leave on an attendant I burnt my hair off because I use the wrong setting see the hottest setting in the US at 110 volts curls my hair that same setting in Australia with 220 volts burns it off so I always start at the lowest setting and then work your way up and sometimes in places just say screw you I don’t wanna work ever in this country and just die on you and that’s when you learn how to braid your hair like I did in Pisa before when I’m camera Thank You technology my biggest advice to you is buy the product for the country and you can do that two ways you can go dual voltage so by a curling iron for instance it works at 110 and 220 volts or if you travel a lot invest in a European set of tools trust me your hair will thank you for it so what is your biggest voltage disaster I have completely burned out my camera battery charger which is the absolute worst thing in the world like no pictures no video nothing no no no so let us know your worst voltage story in the comments below or sign up for our mailing list! Salut!

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