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The 5 Best Portable Ice Makers For 2020

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1. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop - Makes 26 lbs of Ice per 24 hours - Ice Cubes ready in 8 Minutes - Electric Ice Making Machine with Ice Scoop and 1.5 lb Ice Storage - Silver

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  • PORTABLE ICE POWER - This powerful ice maker creates delicious, chewable, bullet shaped ice up to 1.5 lbs at a time and up to 26 lbs of ice per day with its 2.2-liter water reservoir. Measures just 9.5 x 12.9 x 14" - an ideal choice for ice anytime, anywhere
  • ICE CUBES DONE QUICK - Features small or medium size options for bullet shape ice, ready in just 6 to 8 minutes. The small ice cube bullets are smooth and cylinder-shaped to easily fit in water bottle openings, and the medium size is perfect for mixed drinks and more
  • QUIET and ENERGY EFFICIENT - With a quiet compressor that requires low energy to cool, it's a tiny yet mighty addition to your bar or countertop (NOTE: Use ice shortly after making or store ice batches in freezer if not using right away)
  • SMART DESIGN - A water reservoir sits below the ice basket and reuses water from the melted ice to make even more ice. Warning lights and an automatic shut off function are activated once the ice basket is full or when water needs to be refilled
  • INCLUDES BASKET and ICE SCOOP - No installation required; just fill the water reservoir, plug it in and wait for the ice to form. This ETL Certified electric ice maker has an easy to use control panel and comes with a removable ice basket and scoop

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2. Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

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  • Affordability - Quality and elegance at a more affordable price point.
  • Speed and Efficiency - Less than 20 minutes to first nugget, produces 1 lb an hour and the bin holds 3 lbs
  • Portability - Compact countertop design plugs into any electrical outlet at home and can come with you to your next camping or tailgating extravaganza
  • Bluetooth - Set up your ice making schedule from the convenience of the FirstBuild app
  • The actual quantity of ice produced will vary with environmental conditions

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3. Edgestar IP210TI Titanium Portable Ice Maker

Edgestar IP210TI Titanium Portable Ice Maker, Gray

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  • Portable unit - no drain required. Produces ice in as little as 10 minutes
  • Produces up to 28 pounds of bullet shaped ice per day. Stores 2 1/2 pounds at one time
  • Select 3 different ice cube sizes with soft touch control panel
  • Compact size makes it ideal for kitchen counter tops, wet bars, break rooms and RV's
  • Dimensions: 14 1/2" H x 11 3/4" W x 14 1/2" D

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4. Costway Counter Top Ice Maker

Costway Counter Top Ice Maker Machine Portable Compact Electric High Efficiency Express Ice Making Machine Mini Cube 26lb of Ice per 24 hours with Ice Scoop (Black)

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  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT: The portable and compact design make it possible to work anywhere, such as party, gathering, RV, boat, or kitchen
  • MODERN CHIC DESIGN: Able to see through window for process monitoring & ice level checking. Stylish design and neutral color fit with anywhere
  • LARGE PRODUCTIVITY: It can continue to work without interruption during 24 hours. It is able to make up to 26lbs in 24 hours.
  • SAVE TIME AND EFFORT: With 1.5 lbs capacity of ice cube basket, you can make plenty of ice ahead of time to have on hand, and save space in your freezer for other food. You can create ready-to-serve ice in an average of 8 minutes
  • LIGHT INDICATOR: When the water level in the reservoir runs low, you'll be alerted to add more water. When the ice bucket is full, you'll be alerted to remove them so more ice could be created;

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PORTABLE DIGITAL ICE MAKER MACHINE by Arctic-Pro with Ice Scoop, First Ice in 8 Minutes, 26 Pounds Daily, Great for Kitchens, Tailgating, Bars, Parties, Small/Large Cubes, Silver, 11.5x8.7x12.5 Inches

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  • ✔ FAST ICE CUBES within 8 MINUTES so that you will never again have to buy ice at a convenience store. This ice maker produces ice cubes in less minutes than it takes to run to the store. Featuring a powerful compressor the Arctic-Pro Portable Ice Maker PRODUCES 26 POUNDS of ice per day. Never worry about running out of ice and be confident that your party guests will never have to wait on a refill. It's removable tray and scoop are for easy ice transfer ice to your guests.
  • ✔ PEACE OF MIND with the SEE-THROUGH WINDOW top allows you to monitor the amount of ice that is being made and ice level checking, But it doesn't stop there, this ice maker is INTELLIGENT with the use of sensors it won't overfill your bucket. Made with digital controls with an easy to use LCD control panel you are able to choose from two ice size settings. Provide your guest with large(1x.75 Inches) or small cubes (.75x.75 Inches).
  • ✔ THE PERFECT GIFT for someone that loves to keep a cold drink with ice on hand. Perfect gift for a bartender or someone that loves camping, tailgating, boating and taking RV trips. The ultimate gift and the best idea for summer parties and events.
  • ✔ GUARANTEED SATISFACTION because of a 30 day full money bank guarantee. We are so confident in our products that we have no problem giving you every penny back if you're unhappy with your purchase. You won't see promises like that from big box brands!
  • ✔ SUPER EASY TO USE just fill it up with some water and press on and that's all you gotta do, it's that simple! You have the options to choose from 2 size ice cubes, Small or Large. Run the Arctic-Pro Ice Maker all day or set it on a timer. Use the super intuitive and easy to use DIGITAL SCREEN to see what to do with the ice maker and what's going on. It's LIGHTWEIGHT and compact design makes it easy for you to move and travel with. GREAT FOR use at pool parties, home bars, offices, tailgating!


Choosing an Ice Maker , The How To’s.

Hi I’m from Comm-fab calm and I want to give you a quick article of some features that you should be aware of when you’re purchasing your ice maker first of all you need to be aware of the amount of ice it produces and the time it takes to produce that ice now this ice maker here is a larger union it produces 48 pounds of ice every 24 hours it has a larger tray and so the tray is larger for storing the ice and it has a large water reservoir as well so more water more ice you don’t have to empty the tray as much most units are smaller they produce about 28 pounds of ice every day now the reason why you want to be aware of the amount of ice is because if you’re hosting large social gatherings you’re gonna want more you’re gonna want more ice another thing you need to be aware of is how long it takes to produce ice some ice makers can take as long as 20 minutes to make that first batch of ice now if it’s really hot out and you’re looking for a cold drink to wait 20 minutes is unacceptable this unit here it takes less than seven minutes to produce the first batch of ice so that’s a little faster and you know you need to look at these features before you go out you purchase your ice maker another important tip when purchasing an ice maker is the size and the weight this is a larger unit there are smaller units that are more portable if you’re wanting an ice maker to go camping you’re gonna want a smaller unit and so it’s important to be aware of the size and the weight of the unit that you’re going to buy also be aware of the size of ice that it produces this unit here produces small medium and large ice some units most units will produce small and large ice they just kind of skip the medium sized ice portable units usually produce what they call bullet sized eyes it’s very dense it’s great ice for keeping your drinks cold but you need to be aware because if you have a smaller glass and you know you’re gonna want a machine that produces small ice if your unit only produces large bullet sized ice cubes then that’s gonna be no good for you so be aware of the size of ices produces be aware of its size its wake if you’re carrying this around you’re gonna want to make sure that you have a smaller unit and be aware of how much ice it holds and produces in 24 hours again this produces 48 pounds of ice most machines will produce 28 pounds of ice which is a good amount of ice every single day and then also be aware of its color because if you wanted to fit in a particular kitchen color you know if you’re if you’re designing your kitchen this is stainless steel this is a great unit but you know this is not going to fit in everyone’s kitchen if their appliances are white you might want a white machine there’s red machines there’s black machines so be aware of also its design if that’s something you’re into then you need to be aware of that as well so good luck on purchasing your new ice maker we have a great comprehensive guide below and also we have a great list of ice makers that are going to be a great help to you and our great machines that will last you a long time thank you for reading this article and thank you

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