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The 5 Best Milk Frothers For 2020

1. PowerLix Milk Frother

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Durable Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel Whisk, Stainless Steel Stand Include

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  • Get Creamy Froth Quickly: PowerLix brings you its portable handheld milk frother for frothed milk. If you love your morning coffee with lots of froth and foam, then you certainly want to have PowerLix frothing wand at home or your café style cappuccino. It comes with a stand for easy storage and can be kept on the countertop.
  • Battery Operated For Perfect Froth in no Time: The mixer is battery powered so you don't have to worry about cords and finding sockets. Heat up the milk, immerse the espresso maker into the cup and turn it on. The milk foamer will start creating creamy froth on the milk instantly. Within 15 - 20 seconds, you have a cup filled with creamy froth and ready to go into your coffee latte.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Our milk whisk frappe maker is made of the best quality stainless steel. It has a powerful motor that gives you 19000 rpm and the dual spring durable long 18/10 food safe material stainless steel spiral whisk that won't rust or break over the time, delivers double the power of other frothers and professional espresso makers available. The power button on top makes it easy to use. The low noise motor barely makes a sound.
  • Beautifully Styled With Versatility: The machine is beautifully styled in red color to fit into any modern kitchen. It is lightweight and has ergonomically designed soft touch handle. It is easy to use and easy to clean. It can be used to froth other liquids besides hot milk. Use it to make milkshakes for your kids or cocktails for your friends. It will work well with both hot and cold liquids.
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty: The milk frother is so handy and useful that you can gift it to your friends and family too. Let them enjoy the convenience of making chocolate or cappuccino at home. We are confident of our product and know you will like it. This is why we back up our product with a lifetime warranty, and the amazing free bonus ebook is yours to keep. Order now and start to create thick and creamy foam for your homemade drinks

PowerLix Best Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker Review, Homemade whipped cr

2. Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer (250ml)

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  • Milk frother makes hot and cold milk froth for cappuccinos, heats hot milk for lattes. Maximum capacity: 125 ml (for milk froth preparation), 250 ml (for hot milk preparation)
  • Maximum level indicator for milk frother and maximum level indicator for milk warmer, and minimum milk level indicator
  • Stainless-steel exterior with vacuum insulation; Detachable base; FREE cleaning brush.
  • Product for use with North American Electrical Standards, 120V only. ETL. 2-YEAR Warranty
  • To make hot drinks, press the ON/OFF button once and release immediately, both heater and frother will turn on. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, the frother will turn on, but heater won't turn on. This makes cold drinks.

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer Review

3. Nespresso 3694-US-BK Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

Nespresso 3694-US-BK Aeroccino3 Milk Frother, One Size, Black

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  • Rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth
  • 1 button for all preparations, 1 second button pressure for Hot milk or hot milk froth, 2 second button pressure for cold milk froth
  • Maximum hot & cold milk froth capacity: 4. 1 oz. Maximum hot milk capacity: 8. 1 oz
  • Auto shut off when finished. Non-stick surface
  • If quality of milk froth not up to standard recommend usage of refrigerated whole or low-fat milk about 4 TO6 Degree Celsius and also make sure to use the appropriate whisk. Verify that the jug is clean. This frother quickly heats up milk to between 160 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother Review

4. 1Easylife H422 Stainless Steel Handheld Electric Milk Frother

1Easylife H422 Stainless Steel Handheld Electric Milk Frother with Bonus Mix Spoon

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  • 1Easylife MILK FROTHER, PRIDE AND BARISTAS SECRET WEAPON offers you the professional finishing touch for your lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates or chilled milkshake. The fresh and fast froth is now a reality in your kitchen's very own coffee shop, hot or cold, frothy or smooth. It can even bring an indulgent twist to everyday instant coffee. Flawless in form and function 1easylife Milk Frother can be taken straight to the table.
  • MODEL FOR POWER AND DURABILITY: Hand-held milk frother powered by a couple of AAA batteries. It measures just under 24.8 cm long, and 1.5cm diameter. 1Easylife Milk Frother is the Satin Edition, Stainless Steel with a low-gloss finish.
  • SUPER-EASY TO CLEAN DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION: The sleek body of the frother is also worth highlighting, making it compact. It is also lightweight, which means that you do not have to sweat in using such, Cleaning will be a snap just placing the rod under the running water to rins (no immersion of the handle), means that minimal effort will be required on your part to maintain its best quality and functionality even through the years.
  • EASY TO OPERATE USING AN ON/OFF SINGLE BUTTON: 1Easylife deluxe stainless steel milk frothers wand do a very good job by depressing the button it will give you an amazing froth, with very little effort. It takes about 20-30 seconds of pumping action. Battery operated frothers generally aerate by rotating a whisk-like rod (and can also be used for light egg beating eggs and for mixing drinks), it is a convenient method of frothing right in the cup or other container.
  • A MUST HAVE KITCHEN TOOL and THE GOOD OFFER YOU CAN FIND. A BONUS mix spoons will come with this versatile kitchen tool.

1Easylife E 422 Deluxe Stainless Steel Automatic Milk Frother Review

5. Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Steel Milk Frother

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Steel Milk Frother

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  • Latte frothing disc for smooth and silky milk. Please review the Product Videos under the images before use.
  • Cappucino frothing disk for thick and creamy froth
  • Hot chocolate maker, by simply adding drinking chocolate powder, flakes or syrup to the warming milk
  • On-board disc storage
  • Product uses induction heating, you can simply place the jug in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Exclusive Review: Breville Milk Café Electric Frother


Hey everyone I’m Ryan with and thank you as always for joining me here my virtual coffee shop brought to you by So today’s article I’m going to be giving you a guide I’m going to give you a guide on how to pick out the best milk frother for your own at-home coffee shop now I’ve got a lot of different milk frothers in front of me today I’m just going to tell you a little bit about each of them one is not necessarily better than the other it’s really going to depend on what it is that you want out of your milk frother but there’s definitely pluses and minuses to each one depending on the type of beverages that you’re going to be making and maybe how much froth you happen to like for your beverages so let’s dive in and talk about some of the different ways that you can get the best possible froth for your own at-home coffee shop alright so you can see I have quite an array of different milk frothers here but you didn’t know that there were so many different milk frothers on the coffee market but there really are and that’s why we want to make this guide is to give you a little bit of a way to discern what the best one might be for your own at-home coffee shop so let’s start talking about battery-operated milk frothers I have this arrow latte milk frother right here it looks a little crazy but it’s really cool this is again it’s battery-operated and it’s really easy to use has a power switch right here on the right hand side and to engage that all we do is press it down and you can see that this is spinning quite fast it’s got a really powerful motor in it has a little wire whisk down here on the end and this is really easy to use all you need to do is of course fill up a container some kind preferably a pitcher with milk usually you want to use a low-fat milk or non-fat milk you’re probably going to get the best possible foam and froth out of that type of milk and then you can simply just use this to froth your milk up you can just move it around keep it on the on the surface of the milk and that’s going to give you a froth milk you can do this with cold milk you can do it with warm milk again like I say usually probably want to use a low-fat milk because that’s going to give you the best possible from phone these are really useful if you like to let’s say travel these are great for traveling because they’re very easy to pop into a bag they’re really useful for doing a number of different drinks while you’re at home if you’re entertaining a lot of folks or something like that they’re obviously not very set-and-forget and not you know they require a certain amount of interaction from you so you’re going to not get the ease of just setting some milk into a container and letting it get froth up we’ll talk about some ways that you can do that as we move down the line here so that’s a battery-operated milk frother a really cool option moving on down the line right here we have a glass carafe milk frother now this has no mechanical parts to it it’s simply just a glass carafe and it looks a little bit like a French press you’re going to notice when I open it up I have this long rod and on the end of it I have again sort of a wire whisk filter as it were on the end of that now to use this all I need to do is fill it up with some milk and then place that lid back on top of the carafe and then you simply pump up and down and that’s going to create your froth milk now again you probably want to use a nonfat milk because that’s usually going to give you the best possible froth on your milk you can use hot you can use cold the bonus of using a glass carafe milk frother is you can see what’s going on inside of the milk frother as you’re making use of it the downside is it’s breakable so you need to be careful and again there’s nothing automatic about this you actually have to froth the milk yourself but that gives you a lot of control over what you’re going to get when it comes to the froth that you’re going to get out of a glass carafe milk frother moving over here I have a stainless steel pitcher type milk frother now again this is totally manual there’s nothing automatic about this it’s about the same design as our glass carafe one inside of it you have again you have a whisk right here just a wire whisk and filter it’s attached to this rod and all you need to do is pour in your desired amount of milk preferably nonfat as I say place the lid on top of it and again you’re just going to pump up and down and that’s going to create your froth milk both of these are usually going to take somewhere around 30 to 60 seconds just depending on how much froth you really want to make for your beverage the plus side of using a metal pitcher milk frother is that obviously it’s metal so you’re not going to break it there is maybe a little bit more pressure with this one and some of the other ones because the lid sits a little more tightly on top of the milk frothing pitcher and it’s probably going to make it a little bit easier to pump and create that froth these are also great because the metal is going if you’re using hot milk it’s going to keep that heat in the milk which is really great it’s kind of a drag when you froth up some milk and it’s not hot anymore or you’ve lost heat when you add it to your coffee and again it’s really easy because when you’re all done take that lid out and then you can simply pour your froth milk out and into your beverage so those are a couple manual options in the center right here let’s move on to the left we have a couple of fully automatic options for frothing your milk this is one of my favorites right here this is an espresso milk frother and we’ve talked about these a lot in the past there’s a lot of different options when it comes to an electric milk frother this just happens to be one of them that’s on the market usually they’re going to have a base of some kind that the frothing pitcher will sit on top of you’ll place that pitcher on top of that base and then inside of the pitcher you’re typically going to find some kind of a small whisk or a little apparatus that’s going to actually froth your milk you see right here I have this wire whisk now the plus side of using a froth or such as this is that they will usually come with a secondary frothing whisk that is usually just for making hot milk with very little froth and then you’ll have one such as this wire whisk that’s simply for making large amounts of froth so this is a plus side of using these automatic ones they usually have a couple different options to them now the other cool thing about some of them not all but in the case of this Espresso one it can do both hot milk it will actually heat the milk up for you while it Frost’s it or you can do cold milk there’s a button right here on the front of it and depending on if you press that button once you’re just going to create hot milk if you hold it down you’re going to make cold froth milk so that’s really useful depending on the beverage type that you’re going to make and again these options are automatic they’re going to do all the work for you so if you like an automatic very easy to use feature for your milk frothing you’re going to want to go with an electric milk frother of some kind preferably something that you can simply open up pour some milk into press a button walk away come back about a minute and a half later and then you’re going to have your froth milk ready for your beverage so it really comes down to a few different options that you’re looking at the first one of course is ease and being able to use it use automatic functions that’s something you typically only going to find in the electric milk frother z’ when it comes to the manual milk frothers again you’re going to get some really good froth out of them but you’re going to have to do the work in order to get that froth and of course with a battery operated milk frother you kind of get a little bit of both worlds you still have to do some of the work but as you can see the battery-operated frother is going to do a lot of the actual frothing work for you so it really depends on how much ease you’re looking for on your milk frother now of course the other question is what are all these different options going to cost you well it’s going to depend of course on where you’re shopping and you can always check out our coupons and other offers on in order to find out more about how you can save some money on accessories like this but of course depending on where you’re shopping and what you’re looking for the type of features who made it things like that you’re going to find a lot of different price points but well the battery-operated frother like the one that I have right here you’re usually looking at somewhere around the thirty to fifty dollar range depending on where you’re shopping with these manual frothers that last carafe and the stainless steel pitcher again you’re probably looking at somewhere between thirty to fifty dollars maybe a little bit higher or a little bit lower depending on where you shop and then with an electric option you’re probably looking at starting off about a hundred dollars on average you might go a little bit above that depending on features and of course the brand name is on it various things like that but you’re getting a lot of ease with an electric milk frother and that’s sort of what you’re paying for is the convenience and being able to just pour that milk and have it froth right up for you whereas the other options going to be a little bit more manual take a little more time and a little more work so you go guys that is a quick guide for you what you should know when you go out to buy a milk frother for your own at-home coffee shop