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The 8 Best Home Safes For 2020

Best Home Gun Safe

1. Stack-On PDS-1500 with Electronic Lock

Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe Electronic Lock

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  • Perfect size to fit inside of a drawer
  • 2 live action steel locking bolts and concealed hinges for greater security
  • Easily programmed electronic lock
  • Time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting the safe to the floor/shelf and wall, fastening hardware is included

STACK-ON Brand Electronic Drawer Safe Review (Model PDS-1500)

Best Home Fire Safe

2. SentrySafe SFW123DSB with Dual Key Lock

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination 1.23 Cubic Feet

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  • Fireproof safe is UL Classified to endure 1 hour at 1700°F and keep interior temperatures safe for irreplaceable documents, valuables, DVDs, and USBs; ETL Verified to withstand a 15 foot fall during a fire and remain closed
  • Waterproof safe is ETL Verified for 24 hours of protection in water up to 8 inches deep offering peace of mind in the event of a flood
  • Preset dial combination fire safe with secondary locking key for strong security; Combination safe features 4 live-locking bolts, steel construction, pry-resistant hinge bar, shelf, and bolt down hardware
  • Exterior: 16.3 inch W x 19.3 inch D x 17.8 inch H; Door requires 14.75 inch of clearance to fully open; Interior: 12.6 inch W x 11.9 inch D x 13.8 inch H; Large 1.23 cubic foot capacity; Weighs 86 pounds
  • Should your fireproof safe be damaged by fire or water, SentrySafe will provide a replacement safe so the things that matter most are protected for generations to come; US based customer service for product-related questions and services

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Best Home Safe For The Money

3. AmazonBasics Security Safe 1.2 Cubic Feet

AmazonBasics Home Safe - 1.20 Cubic Feet

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  • 1.2-cubic-foot home safe for storing important documents, jewelry, and other valuables
  • Programmable electronic keypad ensures secure, easy operation; back-up key for emergency use
  • Heavy-duty carbon-steel construction (8-gauge steel door and 14-gauge steel body); 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges for superior security
  • Includes pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware for floor and wall mounting
  • Exterior measures 13 by 13 by 14.2 inches (L x W x H); interior space measures 12.8 by 10.6 by 14 inches (L x W x H); backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

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Best Small Home Safe

4. Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Safe

Install a Hidden Wall Safe

Best Home Safe For Cash

5. SentrySafe X125 Large Digital Lock Safe

SentrySafe Security Safe, Extra Large Digital Lock Safe, 1.2 Cubic Feet, X125

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  • Protect your valuables with this home security safe, complete with carpeted interior, removable shelving, and power cord access for security while charging your devices; Use as a personal home safe, laptop safe, or jewelry safe
  • Set your own digital combination security safe for protection from theft or burglary; Not a fireproof safe or waterproof safe
  • Home safe features 2 live-locking bolts, steel construction, concealed hinges, and bolt down hardware
  • Exterior: 16.9 inch W x 14.6 inch D x 10.6 inch H; Interior: 16.8 inch W x 11.6 inch D x 10.5 inch H; Extra-large 1.18 cubic foot capacity; weighs 27 pounds
  • For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends the use of four high-quality, name branded and alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years from the current year. Generic and rechargeable batteries often do not have the lifespan needed to support long term usage

Digital Sentry Safe X125- Works great

6. Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

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  • HIGHTLY SECURE 20” x 14” x 12” BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT SAFE - Unlocks Fast by Registered Fingerprint or PIN Code. Access you gun, handgun, pistol, ammunition in second.
  • FAST ACCESS PERSONAL SAFE FOR HOME & OFFICE DEFENCE AND PROTECTION – Upgraded 500 DPI Optical Sensor, Motorized 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism with 2 pry-resistant insertion slots, 5mm door, Seamless Laser Cut, Four Prong Backup Cross Key
  • EASY TO SET UP & SIMPLE TO USE - Scan & Save up to 32 Fingerprints for Multiple People or 1 PIN Code, All Carpeted interior with Build in LED Light, 3 FULLY ADJUSTABLE shelves to organize your handguns, Jewelry, Cash, Electronics & Important Documents
  • PRY-RESISTANT by DESIGN, TIGHTLY SEALED SOLID STEEL BODY GUN SAFE - Two 20 mm Solid Steel Locking bars go inside of 2 insertion slots in the frame of the safe, Sound On/Off so that intruders won't hear you, Warning beep if door left unlocked
  • External Dimensions: H 19.69” (508 mm) x W 13.78”(305 mm) x D 12.21” (355 mm); Weight: 48 lbs. (22 kg);

Vikings Security Safe VS-50BLX Review

7. First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant

First Alert 2087F Water/Fire/Theft Combination Safe Review

8. AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock

AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock - Black - 1.25 Cubic Feet

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  • DURABLE AND STURDY SAFE. Made utilizing steel construction to provide long-lasting strength and use throughout the years, this pry-resistant safe offers physical protection from forced entry. In addition, a carpeted floor will protect your most precious valuables and fragile belongings from scratches and damage.
  • PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL ACCESS. Using the keypad, you can create your own numeric code for easy entry and secure, safe storage. It operates on two AA batteries (included) and comes with two override keys, making it possible to open the safe and access your valuables even if you forget your passcode or if the keypad batteries run out. The digital display has three different symbols, indicating locked, unlocked and low battery for your convenience.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SECURITY. In addition to the electronic lock, the security safe features two live-door bolts, a pry-resistant steel door and pry-resistant concealed hinges. These relevant design elements help prevent intruders from accessing the contents of the safe and offering you peace of mind.
  • CHOICE OF COLOR AND SIZE. Furnished in red, black and white and available in three different sizes – 0.5, 1.25 or 2.32 cubic feet – you can choose the one that best accommodates your needs. Each size allows you to store a wide variety of items – from legal documents and passports, to jewelry, cash and treasured heirlooms.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND INCORPORATE. Four bolts are included, making it easy to mount the safe to a wall, floor or shelf, while the black exterior finish gives the safe a handsome look that will coordinate with any home or office setting.

Guide To Choosing The Right Safe

Hello good day, I am Darryl with Comm-Fab.com writing to you today from down under in Australia. This pertains to the U.S. and other countries as well. So a lot of my subscribers talked to me in regards to home security and what they can do to ensure the security of their valuables inside the house and the reason I talk to him about security is that things like I just grabbed this out of my pocket here things like your car keys it’s very rare that people can steal your car these days without stealing a car key and then normally will break in your house steal your spare keys and things like that valuables like your mobile phones your iPads and things like that and you can do two things you can one you can hoard them all around your house in your linen closet in your pantry but you need a good memory and you’re probably going to forget where you’ve lost off your stuff and the other way is the guard by yourself or safe so you know I made a vehicle like high energy which is worth a million dollars if you own something like a Mercedes or a BMW it’s a big investment for you to put some money to your jewelry you know women’s jewelry twenty thousand dollars worth and things like that put them in a trusty safe. Also and what I want to talk to you about today is the different types of safes now I know I can go down to my local hardware chain and I can buy a what they call a safe for $80 I probably would call them a lock box because realistically they like a filing cabinet and there’s no fire proofing and things like that so can you explain the difference to the audience in regards to the safe you can buy there and these types of size so basically there are a few different size safes the ones that usually the hardware chains carry basic say from the $80 ones are basically just a lock box the locks on those are really for someone like us my 10 minute inconvenience some of you comes along with a backup with a grinder or something again not long delay the range we carry obviously starts with something that’s similar to that which is still just box no four already but they do have a digital lock on them with a key over let me have a key everyone these are a safe key over would I get into operator is putting a parry this one said electric one they use a motor to drive them open and quite a big storage area so if you you’ve got some bolt down holes in the bottom if you want a vault down as well much better than just leading your jury or something element touches now I’ll tell you what I do want to mention to the punters out there is if you boys take like this and they come with bolt downs so you can bolt into your floor or to your wall make sure you do that because it would not be the first time I’ve come across a bug running down the street carrying a portable safe it’s a little embarrassing when you have to tell the police that he’s got a way of it safe because you forgot to bolt it down about 25 30 kilos so one guy can walk pretty easily now the other thing for you Darryl these are the one thing that they don’t want to do also is these override keys here you don’t want to put them in the safe no we always tell people that keep your key safe or not in the safe okay so what’s your next safe we want to have all happy so stepping up from the one without any formatting is all your step two something like this fall here which has got a fire rating digital touch walk again but on this head your locking points as the fixed walking point so if I were to cut the hinges off can’t be swung open these have a metal exterior with a powder interior the power gives you a 60 minute paper writing to an Australian steam so don’t take stuff like you do will or anything like that that you’ve got in there as well as your jewelry and stuff okay so basically also apart from the fact that burglars trying to yeah if you have or your room is subject to a fire this will protect things like your jewelry and that for a period in time yeah exactly now obviously if it does go through a fire you’re not gonna be able to come on the touch it up yeah then you call someone like at Stowe 40s going from something like that to the next button great up they do a couple of different sizes now this is the good old safe that on edge to get these up is a pretty heavy armor yeah so this phone was on 120 kilos it’s a commercial grade digital basically much speaker much bigger lockdown points as far as the bolting points 16 little bolt holes in the bottom you’ve got four of those two adjustable shows you can adjust on this nothing on the side and you lose a little bit of your security for your fire because of a construction and a half here far away to the Australian standard but that use of external so no key overall at all and they run the nine volt battery okay now if that battery when it goes flat you have to change that what happens to your code here so remains to the code you said it doesn’t revert back to a baking powder you know what’s what sort of course are we looking at for us high qualities so this is the Home Guard it’s 1180 in the combination and the key are a little bit cheaper but in saying that the beauty of the digital is nice and quick to open once you’ve been in there and you’ve changed your goods around but goods out soon as you shop that again it’s so with a key if you turn the handle you’ve got to remember to lock with the killer was it so not with a combination same thing you have to spin that combo at least four full moons okay fantastic so if we want to come across through these ones here these the color one T what do we got there down so these are the lock tech range of sites now they do three different sizes that we have in stock they’ll get the small the medium and the large very similar in construction to the out so if we looked at before with the powder room gives you the l4 alrighty start button what’s going in locking pins we’ve got a sixth grade Locker and one bolt dead in the bottom unfortunately you’re stuck with it one bolt in because if you start drilling the other holes to bolt it then prepare the starts escaping you start to lose integrity so that looks fairly sturdy there that one bolt down if you get that into in three masonry or things like that it’s not coming up easily and still a good quality home safe you can put cash in stock now one thing that needs to be said is if you do go to the extent of buying one of these they’re only as safe as long as you lock it so we’ll see there’s a little bit of preventative maintenance as well checking your batteries most of the safes will give you a low battery indicator when you’re using them so when you put your code in you get the green light come on if it was going flat the red light would just flash as well during this time to change batteries or I doubt they’re look you’ve been in the game long enough and I’ve been in law enforcement long enough to know that we’re not going to get people breaking down your broader BIOS because human nature it’s human nature and we generally won’t go in and boy this type of autumn until it actually happens to us but you know if you spend the money and prepare for the worst-case scenario you won’t be sorry down the track unfortunately that’s fairly true we see a lot of safety at sales after the fact some people look at it as our preventing even that’s the best-case scenario I know of people who have been broken into have their gear in clothes and stuff but actually taking the closer that the loss of jewelry anyway so if you’ve got it in a safe most break-ins a number of people looking for quick cash your car keys stuff like that and they are getting more brazen maple heavy so having a lot safer and I know what I’ve done is it took me a while but it becomes a routine before you go to bed at night times you grab your wallet you grab your iPads to grab electronic gear and you’ll get your valuables and you stick them in your safe turn it off get into bed in the morning you open up it’s going to save you the inconvenience of weeks of insurance claims trying to get your cards back trying to get your jewelry back and things like that yeah well let’s look at it if you had some luck your wallet missing it takes a long time to taste up all those cards and get a review so if you do get in that practice of putting in gear in the safe every night if you’ve got three like a digital or if you’re very fluent with a combination safe it’s still quite easy to get into to do that daily something like an in ground is good if you’re putting long-term valuables in it can be a bit fiddly getting into everyday well thank you very much for your time this afternoon there’s some great tips