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The 5 Best 80 Inch TV For 2020

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Best 80 Inch 4K TV

1. Samsung UN82RU8000FXZA Flat 82” 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV (2019)

(Updated Version for 2019)



Completely immerse yourself in all the on-screen action with Samsung’s premium ultra high-definition TV. This is a whopping 82 inch screen your lounge room will be filled with a field of view that will make you feel like you’re in the action to amplify your sense of immersion the premium UHD technology integrated into. This best 80 inch TV means that you can now view a screen as large as this one from as close as two and a half meters and when you’re enjoying an action-packed scene the 200 Hertz motion refresh rate gives you smooth clear motion so you won’t miss any critical details featuring the new HDR 10 Plus technology you’ll enjoy impeccable detail with optimal black levels and peak brightness as each individual scene is optimized to give you an enhanced viewing experience if you prefer your TV on a stand the streamlined cable management means storing all of the cables neatly inside the stand is a breeze and control everything with Samsung’s one remote control whether it’s watching free-to-air Netflix or online videos controlled it all from one compact device and gamers well you’ll love game mode with low input lag for fast dynamic gaming coupled with this amazing 82 inch screen it’s an incredible experience smart things is another clever feature it allows you to seamlessly control and monitor your compatible smart TVs from your TV in one convenient application so whether you’re watching an action-packed movie or the big game and gross yourself in every detail and emotion with this impeccably designed 82 inch premium UHD TV from Samsung

Samsung RU8000 4k TV Review -

Performance and Use 

This is a great HDTV! Fantastic picture. HDR pops beautifully. Great all around T.V., especially if your a gamer. This could be the best gaming t.v. on the market for Xbox one X and S users. It now supports FreeSync.
With FreeSync selected in game mode on my Xbox one X, I’ve noticed an improvement in an already impressive response time with this T.V.. The Nu8000 also has a great picture. The upscaling is great for streaming t.v., like sling. Excellent for sports.


  • Loaded with features, the NU8000 has advanced smart browsing with voice control, which finds your shows easily. Stunning depth of HDR plus more colors than HDTVs create a breathtaking 4K picture
  • With Dynamic Crystal Color, discover an expanded world of colors where millions of additional shades make all the difference.*

    *Wide Color Gamut capable TV vs Samsung 2018 FHD TV.

  • See what you’ve been missing on a crisp, clear picture that’s 4X the resolution of Full HD.
  • Your gaming console automatically optimizes TV settings for an enhanced gaming experience with minimal input lag and ultra fast refresh rates.


It’s a small improvement over the previous 2018 TV that was (and still is) awesome in this mid-price point. So I guess that makes this an “awesome +” rating. The picture quality is very good – stunning really. But most “A class” TVs are now. In my opinion colors are a little over saturated in the default factory settings (easily changed) but I think that is what most consumers want. The picture is crisp and the Xbox looks good in the high frame rate flicker free world of Assassin’s Creed.

What sets this best 80 inch TV apart from the others we have looked at was the Smart TV interface, and HDR. In the past other smart TVs went unused because the “smart” interface was so bad and slow. The Samsung TV interface is clean and very easy to use. It has basically replaced our Apple TV for connecting to Netflix, HBO and Showtime. Changing apps, changing inputs is quick and simple.


Best Buy 80 Inch TV

2. Sony XBR85X850F 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


We’re testing the Sony X 850 F it’s a good 4k TV with an IPS panel but it has a low native contrast ratio which is bad for dark rooms it is also known as the XF 85 in the UK or Europe and we expect these international variants to offer very similar performance we bought the 65 inch X 850 F to test but it’s also available in 75 and 85 inches we expect the 75 inch model to have very similar picture quality and overall performance but the 85 inch model has a V a type panel which performs differently will comment on these differences later in the review we’ll start by looking at the design of the TV and then move on to the picture quality we’ll also look at how the TV handles motion for sports or games and also look at the input lag we’ll finish by comparing to these competing models which are currently available the design of the X 850 F is great it looks very similar to the higher-end Sony X 900 F when viewed from the front including the wide set stand this does leave space for a Samba in front of the TV though the controls consist of three buttons behind the left edge of the TV they can be a bit hard to find if the TV is placed close to a wall due to their small size and inconvenient location when viewing the TV from the side it appears quite thin this is good for those who want to wall mount it as it won’t stick out much the borders of the TV are also thin and looked good directed out the side of the TV is the first set of inputs these are relatively easy to access if the TV is placed close to a wall directed out of the back of the TV are another set of inputs including an additional HDMI port an optical port and a shared composite and component input these can be a bit more difficult to access but it is also easier to direct the cables down the rear of the TV and through the stand a clip on each leg secures them keeping any messy cab out of sight looking at a thermal image of the TV we can see the main source of heat is the LEDs along the bottom edge this does get warm to the touch but is unlikely to present any issues now we’ll look at the picture quality we’ll be comparing two currently available TVs but competing models may change as new TVs are released throughout the year for an updated comparison with new models as we buy and test them see the review page on our website which is linked below the 65 inch model we bought has an IPS panel with a low native contrast ratio so blacks appear gray when viewed in a dark room for those who watch TV in a dark room a TV with a VA panel and high native contrast ratio is a better choice note that the 85 inch model is different and we expect it to have a contrast ratio in the same ballpark as the X 900 F + nu 8000 the X 850 F lacks a local dimming feature which would otherwise help to produce deeper dark scenes and to reduce blooming around highlights if this is important to you then the higher + X 900 F or the t CL 6 series is a better choice the X 850 F has wide viewing angles so the colors remain accurate for those with wide seating but the image still gets darker if you like to gather a group of friends for football then IPS TVs like the X 850 F and SK 8000 are a good choice note that the 85 inch model with a VA panel has worse viewing angles the TV also has great reflection handling so even in a bright room reflections aren’t too distracting this is very similar to the higher-end X 900 F and better than the Samsung nu 8000 the X 850 F also has about 400 nits of peak brightness across the whole screen in SDR this is a great result for overcoming glare in a bright living room especially when combined with the great reflection handling in HDR it does get a bit brighter as it can produce highlights in our real scene test pattern up to about 450 nits this is decent but HDR highlights can’t really stand out as much as some other TVs the great uniformity of the X 850 F is also decent and in line with other LCDs the edges of the screen are darker but the center of the screen is relatively uniform this should be fine for watching sports like hockey or football or for gaming the X 850 F has a wide color gamut which is good for displaying vivid HDR highlights it is a bit wider than the LG SK a thousand but not quite as good as the higher-end X 900 F the response time for the X 850 F is fast which is excellent only a short red blur smear can be seen on the left of our moving logo pattern this is great for gamers or sports fans the X 850 F also has the ability to flick in the backlight to clear up fast-paced motion it can flicker at 120 Hertz which does create duplications behind most content at 60fps as a result TVs with 60 Hertz flicker like the Nu 8000 and SK 8000 do appear clearer this feature isn’t for everyone though as it does reduce the brightness of the image and produces noticeable flicker the input lag of the X 850 F is great at about 30 milliseconds whether it is a 1080p input from a Nintendo switch or a 4k signal from an Xbox one X or PC it isn’t quite as low as many competing models but still feels responsive and is great for gamers the X 850 F runs Sony’s version of Android TV some people love it for the wide selection of available apps through the Google Play Store while others dislike that is often slow or unintuitive to use Google assistant can be quickly accessed through a button on the remote and allows changing inputs searching for content or opening apps the sound of the X 850 F is mediocre while it can get fairly loud it lacks bass those who care about sound are better off with an external Samba or speakers so overall the X 850 F is a great choice for those with right rooms and wide seating as a result it is best suited for those who watch sports with a group or for TV shows in a living room for other uses though and especially in a dark room the picture quality isn’t as good as the competition the X 900 F is the step up in Sony’s lineup it has a va panel with better picture quality when viewed in a dark room due to the high native contrast ratio and local dimming feature the image degrades when viewed at an angle though so even though it’s a better TV overall those who have wide seating may prefer the X 850 F the Samsung nu 8000 is also better suited to a dark room with sitting directly in front it does offer some neat gaming features though like free sync verbal refresh rate support for those with AMD graphics cards or for the Xbox one X and s as a result it is a better choice for gamers the LG SK a thousand is another IPS TV with very similar performance while it has local dimming it doesn’t work well to improve the dark scene performance it has lower input lag for gamers but also can’t get as bright to counteract glare these differences are small so most people are better off with the cheaper TV the TCL six series is a budget TV with some high-end features it is a better pick for those who watch from directly in front and especially for gamers due to the low input lag it does have some downsides though as the screen uniformity vary significantly between units and the image degrades when viewed at an angle so that’s it what do you think of the sony x8 50f let us know what you think in the comments below

Sony XBR85X850F
Sony XBR85X850F
Sony XBR85X850F
Sony XBR85X850F

Sony X850F TV Review -

Performance and Use 

Unboxing was easy and as typical, the only assembly required is inserting the legs and screwing them in. Otherwise, removing some plastic protection wrap around the edges. One thing I noted is that the unit leans back “ever so slightly” by design, and that makes for better viewing if you’re standing up and watching it, if the stand is optimized for seated viewing. It helps everyone have a better view and I don’t find that distracting or problematic.

Setup was also easy, though more involved than before. It has Android TV which really transforms the experience. You could very easily go internet-based TV on this with the included apps and app store far more easily than in the past. It’s a true Android quality experience. The remote and settings are Sony familiar, and usage is sony familiar. It fit in with my Logitech Harmony Universal RF blaster that controls everything, which is integrated with Alexa, so turning it on and off and changing channels is all automated and very little changing had to be done .It does do HDR with the Apple TV and Netflix is absolutely stunning. When it comes to customization, the coloration settings are all simple customizable, advanced customizable, and easily reset so after you play and aren’t sure what rabbit hole you’ve gone down, you can reset. I found the default auto settings and light sensing brightness adaptation work really well for me and I ended up reverting back to auto/defaults.


  • Take non-HDR content to the next level with the X1 processor and 4K X-Reality PRO
  • Enjoy smooth and vibrant colors with TRILUMINOS Display and 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping
  • IN THE BOX: AC Power Cord – Batteries – IR Blaster – Table Top Stand – Voice Remote Control


Its great for gamers, it is great if you want to download kodi and the like. The picture is truly awesome! Its not that heavy for the size, and it turns on really fast and it’s just a very easy and very smart tv.

Best 82 inch TV Samsung

3. Samsung QN82Q6 Flat 82″ QLED 4K UHD 6 Series Smart TV


How’s it going today I want to do a review on the brand new 420 1882 inch Q LED 4k smart series set from Samsung the model number and this one is qn8 to q6 I should mention to that I actually found a pretty good deal on this TV set and I’ll link to it so check that out so this is kind of Samsung’s you know it’s entry-level but I don’t want to say it’s entry-level because in my opinion for the money this is the best one to get a lot of the more higher end like the q9 series and the Q eights are a lot more money and you don’t really get much difference between the picture different things like that but I’ll go into that in a minute but this is an 82 inch 4k Ultra HD set and the picture on it is absolutely unbelievable the bezels are super thin on it it really just kind of looks like a picture floating on the wall Samsung has done a great job with that but the panel that this thing uses and here’s the thing all the panels are exactly the same until you get into the very high-end series which is like nearly double the price it’s not worth it at all you get a little different HDR processor but this still comes with an HDR presser that looks really really good so if you’re game or anything like that it can use like the PlayStation 4s HDR settings the contrast levels on this TV is great too very very deep blacks nice and inky looking really really sharp and the nice thing too about the size you can get it comes in several different sizes but the nice thing about an 82 inch is when you’re using 4k content it doesn’t really do you much good to get a TV that’s under 55 or so inches just because you won’t really tell the difference unless you’re sitting like 3 feet from the TV screen the pixel density is so high that you really only appreciate it if you’re if you get into the 75 and 80 inch TV sets if you’re sitting about 10 or so feet away I had a movie theater projector before and this thing just completely blows it away your much better quality as far as the picture goes I mean obviously a panel is gonna look way way much better than a throne image onto a wall even I had a screen with paint on and everything like that specialized screen paint and this is just a whole nother level plus with 4k I mean it almost looks like you’re watching what’s going on like out of a window it’s that impressive but in my opinion Samsung’s panels are some of the best in the business this one’s no exception it looks really really good the remote is intuitive very easy to use this is a 240 Hertz panel – so if you’re using it for gaming or sports it’s really really good for that all the motion is not blurry it’s very crisp it looks very very good when moving quickly this one has the new Bigsby from Samsung which is the same thing they use in their Galaxy S a Ness nine phones basically it’s kind of like a Siri or Google assistant you can use your voice to search for content flip their channels as for the weather different things like that so it is a nice feature Devon it actually does work really good too it’s a very vivid display the colors are very bright and very sharp it does have a mode where you can change the picture obviously if you want a more like matted down or not as brilliant picture you can change it but I like for movies or something like that if you want but for vivid content like Planet Earth 2 on this thing in 4k is just an experience I’ll leave it at that do yourself a favor and watch that if you get this TV set it will blow you away

Samsung QN82Q6
Samsung QN82Q6
Samsung QN82Q6

Samsung QN82Q6 Review (2018 Model) - An 82 Inch 4k BEAST!

Performance and Use 

I am blown away by The 2018 Samsung QLED TV! While the TV does require two people to set it up due to the screen size, it is surprisingly light and the set up is extremely simple. Out of the box and playing chef’s table 4k in less than 10 minutes. Once the TV is out of the box, the form and design is something to marvel at. The TV is so thin and its frame is virtually invisible, this device is all screen. The stand legs just snap onto the TV with virtually no assembly required, I spent a good two minutes looking for the screws before my buddy just snapped the legs into place herself. The on-screen set up is a breeze, and the TV is so smart it automatically detects and syncs your connected devices (cable box, video game console, external speakers etc). All attached devices can be controlled with the included OneRemote, which again syncs automatically, you simply point the remote at the device and it recognizes, and controls it. Altogether, set up will take you about 5-10 minutes


  • Your eye will savor the 2018 Q6. Welcome to the prestigious QLED lineup that will tantalize your vision with over a billion shades of Q Color while Ambient Mode alters the screen into a spectacular visual display.
  • Push the boundaries of color with proprietary Quantum Dots.
  • Experience dramatic depth from the darkest to brightest scenes.
  • See colors in movies and shows pop, just as the director intended, in stunning high dynamic range
  • Heighten your view with a powerful processor that optimizes your content for 4K clarity, color and HDR.
  • Neatly manages cords for a crisp, clean look for no distractions from the picture on the Q6F.
  • With Ambient Mode, you won’t notice the TV on the wall as it blends perfectly with your décor, and it can even play a bit of light background music.
  • Relive all your memories. Turn your living room into a personal gallery by displaying photos from your mobile device or the Samsung Cloud.
  • With virtually no bezel on three sides, the sleek, clean design looks attractive from any angle.
  • Seamless and effortless. A revolutionary way to help find streaming and live TV shows with a universal guide, OneRemote and voice assistance.


One of the most incredible picture you have ever seen. The details and colors are so vibrant and vivid, and there is ZERO glare, as the screen adjusts to ambient light, which is great for us as our apartment is all windows. Perhaps my favorite feature is the Universal Browse, which allows me to access my favorite programming from cable, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and beyond, all from one universal guide. My girlfriend loves the TV in ambient mode, which allows us to display art like content, photos, or decorative backgrounds (perfect for when we have people over and want to show off our QLED without having the television on). If you’re going to spend the money on a nice television, I absolutely recommend spending it here, worth every penny. Well done Samsung!

Best Smart LED TV

4. LG Electronics 86UK6570 86-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


I have nothing negative to say about the set. Had an HDMI/HDR error and that was due to my HDMI not being high speed aka ‘premium HDMI’. If you run into a similar issue with PS4 PRO, XBOX X or Blu-ray player. Connect directly to set should fix the issue and see if its the HDMI. Sometimes, like in my case, its an older HDMI that I had going from my sound system out to the LG TV. The PS4 was high speed/premium but the 2nd connection to the TV wasn’t, so the chain was broken. Supported 4k but lacked bandwidth with 4k+ HDR.

LG Electronics 86UK6570
LG Electronics 86UK6570
LG Electronics 86UK6570

Performance and Use 

Out of the box the image using home mode was basic due the fact that all 4k TVs are set to automatic light detection and shifts the image to ‘energy saver’ slightly dimming them. Just go into the menu settings, picture setting and shut energy saving mode off. This is how all major tvs are shipped inbox. Its not a defect item. After shutting that off, the image settings work like normal. Vivid, sports, cinema etc


  • VA panel
  • Wide Color Gamut (WCG)
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • 4K Active HDR
  • Ultra Luminance


The 75″ TV is heavy, so get a friend to help unpack and set it up on your TV stand or wall mount. You won’t be able to do it yourself. The picture is outstanding, but older content will not upscale to real high quality. More recent content, such as The Hobbit / LOTR (for example, which I used for testing), look nearly 4k off of a regular DVD (non-BluRay). I’m not exaggerating, either. I was impressed, as it far exceeded my expectations. Setup is quick and easy. Lots of options for accommodating different aspect ratios, picture modes (from vivid, ACS, normal, cinema, HDR, etc…). Streaming apps and various types of inputs make for a great TV. If you are on the fence about purchasing this, take the leap. I can’t imaging you regretting it.

Sony XBR85X900F

5. Sony XBR85X900F 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung QN82Q60RAFXZA Flat 82'' QLED 4K Q60 Series Smart TV (2019)

$1,997.99  in stock
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as of September 19, 2020 5:00 am


  • 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot: Over a billion shades of brilliant color-powered by Quantum dots-deliver our most realistic picture
  • Quantum Processor 4K: An intelligently powered Processor instantly upscale content for sharp detail and refined color
  • Ambient Mode: Complements your space by turning a blank screen into enticing visuals or at-a-glance news
  • Quantum HDR 12x: Delivers the lightest to darkest colors, scene by scene, for amazing picture realism
  • Smart TV with Universal Guide: Our simple on-screen Guide is an easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows


We’re gonna be unboxing the sony 85 X 900 F today and I’ll show you what’s inside as well as the installation let’s getting out of on the wall we typically used to the 3780 but this one want to Mabel to mount into several studs just to make sure this thing’s not going anywhere it’s super heavy it’s all its steel very large about engines all right so you can see it is important to hit those studs especially with this 85 inch there you know when I mess around and the end of sheetrock if you can’t hang from it don’t mount it oh and don’t forget make sure it’s level the bubble don’t lie all right we’re powering on the nine hundred eighty five inch you have an Android phone or tablet all right so we’re gonna open up the app table Google on your phone Thanks set up my device type that in the search box or just say ok Google set up my device in getting started yeah just follow the on-screen instructions and I’ll walk you through yep the TV is talking to your phones so that you can do automation features that’s for the active features she’s gonna be using like yeah so like if you do like bowling dancing whatever all right yeah in any active games okay so now the Google account is tied to the TV and connected to the Internet perfect so now we’re just gonna accept the can determine conditions you don’t have a choice if you want to use it Google assistant this is like Amazon Alexa you can talk to it you’re gonna have Paris over Bluetooth well except now this is personal do you want Google assistant to have your personal info on the screen okay Wow the most out of you step today with emails yeah yeah I thought the box look different I didn’t I thought it was a new model it’s not agree they have no choice and it doesn’t matter in office voice recognition that says built-in voice commands so you can talk to it we’re gonna skip this because we’re doing all this with the universal remote yeah I’m glad you’re here I’m how you want your gaming consoles arranged i was thinking put all the gaming consoles right here for easy access especially since you’re gonna have surgery and then we’ll put all the amps over there okay alright and that’s the TV setup yeah so now you can do everything that this can do on your phone go ahead and upgrade it get it up to the newest software it has been sitting in warehouses the last few months make sure any bugs that they fix our resolved on your setup the white doubts fifty percent of all living creatures we lost all of us those friends lost family we lost part of ourselves this is the fight of our lives this is it mark Steve I know it is because I don’t know what I’m gonna do if it doesn’t work at all before right I don’t know there was no TV no I would say this a drastic improvement for you Tarzan if we had to say this is a drastic improvement I’ll give it a thumbs up that’s three baby

Sony XBR85X900F
Sony XBR85X900F
Sony XBR85X900F

Massive 86” LG TV Unboxing and 86" LG 86SJ9570 4K UHD HDR Smart LED HDTV Review

Performance and Use 

Initial thoughts out-of-the-box are that the TV is well made. The screen is killer huge and well lit when a bright scene appears. There is no dullness or softness of the image at the corners. The lines are crisp and sharp. The colors are intensely vivid. Video games play well on this TV and look good. This Sony TV even makes rough around the edges Fallout 3 look far better than it looks on my other cheaper TV’s.


  • Triluminos Display: Extra colors, extra brilliance See vivid real-world colors all around you. A Triluminos Display maps from a wider palette, faithfully reproducing every shade and hue in the umbrellas. Works with Alexa: Connect your Alexa-enabled devices for seamless hands-free control of a Sony TV. With Alexa, you can power up your TV, change channels, control volume, and more
  • Every movement, beautifully clear with X-Motion Clarity: Our X-Motion Clarity technology keeps fast action smooth and clear. Moving images are precisely controlled to minimize blur. Even during high speed scenes, pictures stay true with no loss in brightness. 4K HDR4 Processor X1 Extreme: Our 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme includes powerful real-time image processing for ultra-detailed pictures. It takes everything you watch and upscales it to near 4K HDR quality.


This TV is nothing less than pure awesome. I love the picture. The blacks are JET Black. I was watching Space 1999 on this TV and the darkness of space was faithfully reproduced. On so many cheaper TV’s you see the light bloom as if there is a bright spot in the darkness that takes away from the experience of looking into the deep black void of space. Night scenes are pitch black. There is a little motion blur when cars or planes are at the highest speeds.

TV Buying Guide…

Welcome to the buying guide .Television technology is changing fast and this guide will help you make the best decision when buying your next model if you’re looking for a new TV you’ll likely wind up with an LCD set another option OLED TVs tend to do well in our ratings but also typically cost more all TV brands offer LCD models and screen sizes ranging from about 20 inches to 90 inches these sets are often referred to as LED TVs because of their LED backlights which have replaced older florescent ones the LEDs also allow LCD TVs to be very thin and energy-efficient while still producing bright vibrant images but many LCD TVs still have fairly narrow viewing angles which means you’ll notice colors look washed out and blacks looked more like grey if you’re not sitting directly in front of the TV we score every TVs viewing angle as part of our battery of tests LCD TVs also have a tendency to blur during fast-moving scenes known as motion blur which is why some manufacturers tout higher refresh rates on certain models for example 120 Hertz means the images updated 120 times a second but some TVs claim even higher numbers we found in our test that a higher number doesn’t guarantee better performance OLED stands for organic light-emitting diodes unlike LCD TVs that require a backlight olette pixels give off their own light when hit with an electric current oled TV colors are vibrant the picture is bright and the black levels are truly black that contrast allows images to really pop off the screen what we like about OLED is that it delivers on the deep black levels and we’ve seen the best plasma TVs at the same time it delivers on the power efficiency super thin profile and the bright picture we’ve come to expect from LCD TVs right now OLED TVs are still pricey especially larger size sets but we expect prices to fall as more manufacturers enter the OLED market for K or UHD ultra-high definition TVs have made their way into more homes thanks to lower prices UHD TVs have higher resolutions with four times the number of pixels of regular high-definition TVs so they have the potential to deliver razor-sharp detail with the rate content that programming is known as 4k content and right now there’s not a lot of it out there but more 4k movies and TV shows are coming especially from streaming video services like Netflix in the meantime you can still view regular HD programs on your UHD TV you just won’t get that extra detail you’d see with 4k content HDR or high dynamic range technology can boost a TVs brightness colors and contrast so that the images you see are closer to like what you see in real life HDR does all that by increasing the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks a TV can produce typically HDR TVs also produce more vibrant and varied colors than other sets that’s because HDR is often paired with wide color gamut or WCG capability standard HD TVs can display about 70 million colors but those with WCG can display up to a billion that’s like giving your TV a larger box of crayons to play with but you won’t see all that fantastic contrast in color every time you turn on the TV you have to be playing a movie or TV show that has been made to take advantage of HDR and you see gee some TVs have curved screens which are marketed as providing a more immersive viewing experience but in our labs we found that curved models don’t really offer much advantage over flat ones especially in the screen sizes most people would have in their homes and if you’re planning on mounting your set on the wall just remember curved models won’t sit flat most people may think the size of their room really determines what size television they should buy what’s more important the distance you’ll actually be sitting from the screen as a general rule of thumb your closest seating distance should be about 1.5 times the diagonal length of your screen so if your favorite spot is 8 feet away from your TV you can consider buying one as big as 60 inches but if you get an ultra high-def TV the finer image detail means you can get a bigger TV without moving further away from the set display resolution is the total number of pixels in a screen TVs with more pixels have the potential to display greater detail UHD TVs have 3840 by 2160 resolution screens or just 4k for short that means there are 3840 pixels going across the screen and 2160 pixels from top to bottom some TVs especially smaller sets still have regular HD resolution 1920 by 1080 or just 1080p for short some less expensive models may have 720p resolution which is fine for screens smaller than 40 inches however you’ll probably want a 1080p set if you plan to use it as a computer monitor but resolution is just one of a number of display attributes that contribute to picture quality we also look at a TVs brightness color accuracy black level and contrast these are some of the most important aspects of picture quality as TVs get thinner sound quality can suffer because there’s just not enough room for D speakers while many thin TVs can deliver sound that’s fine for most sitcoms and news shows fewer are able to deliver the sonic excitement of action shows or movies its sound is important to you check our ratings to find a set with either very good or excellent sound or consider adding a soundbar speaker do you want to also have access to online content directly from your TV then you’ll want a smart TV these sets allow you to access the internet via your home’s Wi-Fi or a direct broadband connection from there you can usually access a wide variety of movies and original shows from streaming content services such as Amazon Video Hulu and Netflix as well as watch videos on YouTube and listen to online music channels some models let you download new apps visit social media sites or browse the web on a budget and just looking for a basic TV you can always purchase a separate streaming media player later such as amazon firetv Apple TV Google chromecast or Roku with many of the same features when it comes to the connections on your TV consider what devices you’ll be hooking up and make sure the TV has enough of the right type of connections for example your cable box blu-ray player or gaming console would all be connected with an HDMI cable the devices like older DVD players or even VCRs use component or composite cables those go in the red green and blue or yellow ports for video along with the red and white for audio in the back of your TV and don’t waste your money buying expensive HDMI cables when it comes time to hook up your gear we found that modestly priced brands sold in most consumer electronics stores and online can do the trick it’s not generally worth the money to buy an extended warranty for a TV for most major brands our surveys have found that TVs have been fairly reliable rather than paying for extended coverage use a credit card that doubles your warranty or ask retailers if they supplement a standard manual kurz warranty to find the best model television for you .Thanks for your reading

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